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What Drives The Start-up Machine | Rewaj Chettri

What drives the Start-up Machine

For our first blog post, we’ve had the opportunity to interview one of the rising entrepreneurs of Sikkim. The CEO at Sikkim Ventures, sikkim.info and NE Taxi-a revolutionary app that offers brilliant taxi service to all of North East, Mr. Rewaj Chettri. NE Taxi is the most well-known because only experienced, fully licensed drivers are hired for convenient transportation that fully fits people’s needs.  NE Taxi believes in reducing human trafficking in and around North East. He’s the founder of more than 30 start-ups in Sikkim and North East.

He also founded the CISUM app, a native music app which focuses solely on reaching out to the masses and helping young and creative musicians connect with each other. It also provides a platform for indigenous artists who want their music to get featured and gain recognition.

When asked a few questions associated with his career, we found that his disciplined lifestyle and work ethics were the keys to his road to success. Take a look at how dorm-room ideas went into becoming some of the prevalent start-ups in Sikkim. Rewaj Chettri is surely a phenomenal example of how diligence and hard work can pave your way to success.


  1. What are your chief sources of inspiration?

It is Steve Jobs who inspired me to be an entrepreneur.  He was a world treasure. The most inspiring thing about his legacy is he inspired millions through his work ethic. He still inspires millions. His legacy serves as a reminder to me every day that regardless of the path that one chooses, there are certain fundamental responsibilities that should be of utmost importance. He taught me to always pause, reflect and celebrate small successes even when you are having a pathetic day.

  1. What does your daily routine look like?

I start my day at 05:00 in the morning. Sometimes I don’t even sleep because it gets so hectic. But I love what I do and I am happy to contribute to the society in the best way that I can. You know sometimes we have these images in our minds like ‘I imagine my business to do something like this’ and when it happens for real it is that rush of joy that I do what I do. Seeing people reciprocate the appreciation is just amazing. Other than my daily routine I like to meet new people, especially the ones who challenge me to do something better. Getting together with like-minded businessmen (women also) and talking about in what better ways we can improve ourselves is the one thing that I am always up for.


  1. What advice do you want to give to the readers of this article?

There are no shortcuts to success. Once you get that then the rest will fall into pieces. And there is no such thing as luck. I always say the word ‘luck’ should not be in anyone’s repertoire because once someone relates your success to luck then all your hard work and sleepless nights’ ends in the dustbin. My basketball coach used to tell us “Don’t wait for the ball, go for the ball”. This proverb works for me even now. Start small but quick, you will learn to grow it with time. Grab the opportunity and make use of it. Don’t wait for your situation to change. You are the sculptor of your own future. Be the in-charge of your future because at the end of the day you have to look in the mirror and be happy about yourself.

  1. Tell us about the obstacles and setbacks you faced in the initial phases of your career.

Every failure and bad investments that I made taught me to be a better person. Of course, there will be pitfalls and failures but that is life isn’t it? It will knock you down but once you get up you will be stronger than ever. I will not say that it is an easy road because whoever tells that is lying. It is a very harsh world out here. There will be people along the way who will try to drag you down and situations that will make you feel like a big loser but to get up and face all those bad situations with a smile and full determination will make you what you seek to be. That is how you grow.

  1. What would your personal life-hack be?

I have five rules:

  1. Simple living and out of the box thinking. Let’s face it, there is a huge difference between high thinking and out of the box thinking. There are millions of people out there who want to do the same thing as you but if you do something unique and inspiring then people will notice you and value your work.
  2. Start small and quick. Every great journey begins with a single step but if you want to make it to the destination quick then you need to work quickly. Work hard and have fun along the way.
  3. Work with a purpose. It could be to lead a successful life or to make your dreams come true. Either way, if the work that you are doing will add values to someone’s life then go for it. Give them something to be proud of.
  4. Give time to yourself. Because it is you that you have to face before going to bed. Be happy and take care of yourself. Work hard but not that hard that you break yourself beyond help. Be passionate but not obsessive.
  5. Take a break. After a hard day of work take a beat and reflect and then act. It is the best way to make yourself better.

The youth of this age has all the capability in them to change the ways of the world and build a new overall structure of Sikkim which would be very evident of all the advances that the North East is going through. Like Mr. Rewaj Chettri, we need more Individuals and alliances to come up and get running towards making Sikkim a factory of creative and productive people. Creative ideas sustained with a strong desire and persistence along the merry yet difficult road to success are very much able to turn themselves into their material equivalents. It’s all up to this rising and still fresh generation of astounding minds to come together in making this world a better place. Mr. Rewaj Chettri’s message will surely invoke a feeling of mastery and excellence in the minds of all of the current generation.

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