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Imagine you’re cycling down the whimsical terrains of Rohini, a place that marks the junction of Kurseong and Siliguri and offers an impeccable panorama of the crests and troughs of nearby hills and valleys. You are standing on the street corner waiting for an elderly gentleman to cross the road. Among several other aged residents of this place, this particular gentleman might seem a little irregular. He takes bitty steps, and has this heart-warming smile set on his wrinkled face. While the entirety of the population is traumatized by the agitation, he seems to be completely at variance with the recent happenings. He is deprived of family affection and a place to call home but none of this takes a toll on his firm smile, because every morning he wakes up with his mind like a clean slate. He has Alzheimer’s. ‘Alzheimer’s’ as described by Wikipedia is ‘-a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and worsens over time. It is the cause of 60% to 70% of cases of dementia(where one’s memory gradually fades away permanently). Although the speed of progression can vary, the average life expectancy following diagnosis is three to nine years. He resides in an old-age home with eleven other elderly individuals, out of which, at least half of them are impaired with sickness of one or the other kind.

HOPE home is an old-age home situated in Rohini, a rural area near Kurseong. Mrs. Usha K. Rai, is the president of the committee that runs the old-age home. She is a social worker in Kurseong and believes in helping the community in every way possible. Hope was registered in 2012 and opened in 2016 to help the senior citizens who were abandoned by their families and neglected care and medication. Hope is solely run by the members of the committee and is not aided by the government but occasionally helped by social organisations. Due to the recent strike, there has been inadequate ration supply in various parts of the hills, and Hope amongst many other such circumstances, has been greatly affected. Many of the residents in the old-age home require medication and proper care, and the recent mishaps have abruptly affected their lives.

The brisk team of Redendron set to aid the living state of the suffering old people have organised a fundraising gig, an evening filled with music for the soul but truly aimed to help these people who need our support in the ambient space of Anum Pedro. An humanitarian act of which we should all be a part of. The event is to take place in Anum Pedro, this Sunday on 23rd July from 4:00 pm onwards. A musical session with the upcoming young artists and interactive sessions with the audience. One of the rising young musicians is Abhibyanjana, who will release her upcoming single, Groovy Girl during the event. The sole purpose of the event is to create funds to send rations to provide a helping hand to the struggling residents of Hope home, and to create a positive psychological impact on the audience and to send a lot of this intangible constituent called hope. Which, we believe will be instilled on everyone who appear during the event that the world needs love and serenity. Join us for this cause. Please be there.

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  1. intangible constituent called hope. This line ❤️. Stutee, can I have a conversation with you. See I have a plot for a story and I need to discuss with someone like you who can help me out in turning this plot into a touching story. Can I count on you?

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