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Passion vs Convention

Every year, thousands of high school graduates are caught in the dilemma of choosing a stream to pursue in college which is equivalent to picking your profession. The idea is quite well known and a well debated one but a huge step forward is realising that the root of the problem lies deeply ingrained. It all starts in middle school when all the “smart kids” are advised to take up science while the “less smart” kids are turned towards what people view as the lesser of the streams. Commerce and then arts.

It’s an epidemic that can only be dealt with by doing away with this heirarchy of subjects that predominates all of the educated world. This mad race for the sciences have created a boom in the number of students preferring a few disciplines over others. A lot of these degrees end up as name sakes for some who later lean towards other professions. This makes the whole process redundant and shows the holes in the educational and career counseling services presently available.

Forcing the younger generation to choose a career based on what “sells on the market”, would not only be a waste of their talents and creativity, but also make way for an unfulfilling future. Self-assessment on the other hand would rather guide them in choosing a proper career path. We need to ask them better questions about what drives them because “Engineering garchas ki medical” is not going to help.

Our mistake is telling kids to choose a stream at 16 that they might end up regretting when they’re 40.
The answer is quite clear once you take a closer look at it. Give the students a clear and elaborate view of the choices that lay ahead and encourage them to make a decision not based on their grades or “log kya kahengey” but on the basis of what interests them the most. For this to happen, all the subjects should be given equal importance. Also, the stigma that engineers or doctors are the only employable people should be wiped out.

We are pretty sure you’ve heard the following opinions.

1. “Engineer hunchas ki Doctor?”

Which directly translated would sound like, “There are no other job options other than being an engineer or a doctor. In a constantly expanding universe with infinite galaxies, there exist only two job options, and you know what those are.”

2. “Arts parera chai teacher hunchas?”

What our society thinks of streams such as arts is, something which is a last resort when your engineering preparation shatters down into a million pieces. Apparently arts students can only apply for a teachers post according to our expanding society.

3. “Science le kaam paucha!”

Every job that exists in this planet is reserved for science students and if you can’t solve the Bernoulli’s equation, you will have to join the dark force.

Even if you considered this on a larger scale, the results would shock us. The nation wide entrance exams are also conducted more often in favour of Science streams. Maybe the dogma has been created in the macro level and the ideologies in societies are its result. The point being, if the government conducted more exams and had reserved quotas for other streams such as liberal arts, filmmaking, geology, glaceology, anthropology, seismology, then we would have drastically reduced college dropouts, teenage depression, suicidal rates and all the things which make us want to cringe.


There are a multitude of options today that we tend to overlook. For some reason these other jobs are viewed upon with prejudice and are deemed to be beneath us. Things like home-stays have turned up to be good ventures and we need to explore more avenues while educating the young about professions and educational courses like liberal arts that are often looked over.

With globalisation and the media exposure, numerous new career opportunities have arrived which can prove to be equally lucrative and secure, no matter which field you come from. Today we have far more options, compared to our parents and the past generations. Choosing a career today is be more about what we want to do and less about what society wants you to do. Today, you can just follow your dreams. You love writing, just be a blogger, or you take good pictures, just be a photographer. One could join the merchant navy, where you not only earn money and respect, but get to travel the world too.

It all boils down to how happy you’ll be while doing something that’ll take up such a large portion of your life.

Contrary to popular belief

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3 thoughts on “Passion vs Convention”

  1. Dear Yash!

    I am the parent of one of your friends who created this page and I have been enjoying you all young minds writing on this page. Well written, and especially the opinion of young minds about choosing their career options and the dilemma involved is worth pondering. However, please always note that such articles are read by elderly people also. So please avoid slang and vulgar phrases in the clippings. Great writings involve small and simple words in the best use.
    Keep on writing. Wish you great writing ahead!

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