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Sikkim Is Depressed: It’s Time We Figured It Out

I do not withhold such knowledge about the mind, but barely my own psyche.


Illustration, Moonassi

We live in the 21st century with growing media, social network and predisposed standards of lifestyle; our generation is faced with abundant of insecurities which prey on our self-worth. The word ‘insecure’ isn’t alarming until it becomes‘depression’ and yet again benign unless it becomes ”clinical depression”.
Sikkim a state in India, decorated with the title of India’s first and only organic state, having the literacy rate of 79.2%, the first state declared “open-defecation free” in 2008 has also topped the suicide rate among other states in India with 37.5% per 10,000 people in 2015. This is three times the Indian average of 10.6 and way above the global average of 11.4.!



Is this alarming enough?!

An article in The Northeast today shows 5 reasons why suicide is trending in Sikkim, the reasons being:-
1. Depression
3.Social isolation
4.Financial constraints
5. Eating disorder
I believe unemployment, social isolation, and financial constraints brings about insecurities which leads to depression and eating disorder a physical manifestation of depression again.
It is urgent we address mental with an equal alarming response as we do when it is our physical health at stake.
Deteriorating physical health is significant we cannot overlook it, but psychological well-being is easily overlooked. People who are depressed carry around this weight, unaware of the morbid state they are in, and that they can be helped.
निराशा and मान्सिकचिन्ता are the words in Nepali closest to depression and mental health. However, we seldom use it even when the suffering is real and attributes to the cause of high suicide rates in Sikkim. This fact postulates the notion that most of the underprivileged people in Sikkim have no idea what depression is and hence fail to seek help, suffering throughout their existence they see death as the easy way out.
The readers might well conceive the morbidity of depression but apart from us, there are people who are depressed but are clueless about what they are feeling. As young readers, as responsible citizens, as a Sikkimese, I urge all of you to nurture smart empathy towards these people. This might save their lives.


Disclaimer: The Redendron team does not try to dictate how to solve these issues. However, we do wish to open a discourse on this issue which has been masked by the many other achievements.

There is no one way to solve an issue like Suicide and Depression. The people of Sikkim are the assets of the state and hence, we must be taking every step necessary to protect our people.

It is time for us to talk about the real issues at hand; this is the first step in solving the problem, and in making this state a better place.

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