4 min read Since the days our ancestors started carving tools for hunting in the wild and the miraculous invention of the wheel, we know that us humans are no ordinary beings. We are more than just flesh and bone, gifted with an uncanny source of intelligence, referred to as the mind. Analysis of the history of mankind … Read moreSIKKIM BY THE YEAR 2022

Deep and The Dark Web: The darker parts of the internet.

8 min read ​It all started when I was having this really nice conversation with my friend who happens to work as a software engineer for a pretty big firm, and he is basically a nerd of all things computer. We were talking about and discussing divinity, and what might have triggered the thought of a God entity. … Read moreDeep and The Dark Web: The darker parts of the internet.

Tihaar Aayo Aagana | Welcoming Diwali

2 min read Hills are often known for their quiet and peace, where the day dawns early, and the town sleeps by eight o’clock. The number of people hanging out in the streets by the nights is trifling. However, all of that changes in the month of October. The days seem to go on for longer, and the … Read moreTihaar Aayo Aagana | Welcoming Diwali

Of Books and Cafes | Must Visits Namchi (Local Edition)

2 min read Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do on a lazy day in Namchi? Namchi is a charming small town filled with spirited people. If ever you find yourself in Namchi you will have many places to visit, most of which are, for pilgrims and religious sites like Chardham, Sai Mandir, or Samdruptse. But … Read moreOf Books and Cafes | Must Visits Namchi (Local Edition)

The Future Superhuman: Hacking the Human Body

4 min read The primal humans came across an uncanny stone of some sort and pondered at its characteristics for quite some time. They would scratch on the walls of the caves to recall their daily encounter with nature. They would learn that they could build tools to aid them in hunting. They would understand how a simple … Read moreThe Future Superhuman: Hacking the Human Body