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The Future Superhuman: Hacking the Human Body


The primal humans came across an uncanny stone of some sort and pondered at its characteristics for quite some time. They would scratch on the walls of the caves to recall their daily encounter with nature. They would learn that they could build tools to aid them in hunting. They would understand how a simple rock could be sculpted to create something that would forever change the course of the human race. Man was starting to connect with nature. Nature gave them everything, food, shelter and something to be utterly amazed about. But it was the mind, the mind that led us here to the brink of evolution. Even physiologically, the human brain seems to be the bully of all the brains. Yogis, monks, philosophers, they all tried to understand the secret behind the human mind and found astounding results that they never could have imagined. They realised that their mind could be used to control the aspects of their own body, such that one becomes the alchemist of his own self. Today, modern science has only slightly been able to understand the secrets of the mind when Wim Hof, a Dutch daredevil who goes by the name “Ice-Man” proved that he could control his body with his mind by using his methods. He climbed the Mount Everest with nothing but shorts and shoes. He holds 26 world records.

The human body is inexplicable and every day fresh shreds of evidence show up to further exaggerate this notion. We embark on a journey to unravel the secrets behind our consciousness and our body, and the next generation of humans (if they’re not wiped by bots) would be much more efficient physically and even psychologically. Various theories and suggestions flood miscellaneous online forums but only a handful of them provide the necessary pieces of evidence to back up their claim. We have shortlisted some of the techniques which are used by world-class performers today to enhance their productivity. These techniques are minor lifestyle changes adopted by various entrepreneurs, athletes and idealists, but there still remains a slight hesitation to try something unusual with your body. So, before trying any of these methods, you are suggested to research on the techniques and consult your doctor.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is the method of scheduling your meals so that your body performs at optimum efficiency. It is not about abstaining from food but involves scheduling a daily fasting period (usually 16 hours) and shortened eating window (usually 8 hours). For example, starting to consume your calories from noon to 8PM. (essentially going without your breakfast)
Changing your eating pattern can significantly make alterations to insulin production in the body and increase the Growth Stimulating Hormone, this can help in losing weight whilst helping in muscle creation. A report made by UK Tabloid Press suggested that intermittent fasting may also be beneficial in reducing the risks of breast cancer.


Meditation is a method of training the mind to hack the default mode of the brain, which most often involves in constant mental chatter. Meditation is proven to significantly reduce anxiety, depression and even pain. Meditation has always been a subject of interest for neuroscientists all around the globe and their research has led to believe that this technique can take us further towards the evolution. Neuroscientists at The University of Wisconsin studied the activities of brains of monks in a meditative state and found an increase in the gamma waves. Harvard neuroscientists found that meditation could increase grey matter concentration and the size of the hippocampus of the human brain. American Journal of Psychiatry published a paper on how their patients after meditation had substantially reduced their panic disorders.

Instant Gratification Abstinence

Gratification when loosely translated means satisfaction, and we know that satisfaction is often always achieved at a higher cost. Modern-day advancements have made gratification very easy, and the worse thing is, it messes our neurochemistry. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls the brains reward and pleasure centre, meaning, that every time you felt motivated and happy was because of Dopamine. Social Media and Pornography Sites, alter our dopamine receptors making us a slave to the instant gratification that we get (which is obviously false). This substantially decreases natural dopamine, leading to decreased motivation and poor social lives. World-class performers all around the globe have started abstaining from instant gratification.

Cold Exposure

Subjecting our body to extreme cold temperature like Wim Hof might not be our cup of tea, but cold showers have been shown to have similar health benefits. A research done on mice has proven that cold exposure increased 80% of their metabolism, which meant increased longevity. Cold exposure is proven to skyrocket the immune system with an increase in white blood cells and IL-6. Cold exposure also increases bone density, pain resistance and speedy cell recovery.


Reality check: – Advancements in technology are pushing us towards the inevitable downgrading of the human race, messing with our psyche and our neurochemistry. Some of us are still lost in the mundane aspects of life forgetting to connect with our true self, while the other brand of humans is racing towards evolution. These techniques are only proof that we can access the heavens of our minds if we have the courage to explore it, and no, I am not talking about drugs.

Disclaimer:- All the methods mentioned above are to be exercised under medical consultancy, except the instant gratification abstinence.

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