Of Books and Cafes | Must Visits Namchi (Local Edition)


Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do on a lazy day in Namchi?

Namchi is a charming small town filled with spirited people. If ever you find yourself in Namchi you will have many places to visit, most of which are, for pilgrims and religious sites like Chardham, Sai Mandir, or Samdruptse.

But where would one go to strike a rewarding conversation in a suitable ambience? Someplace that seems intellectually stimulating? Here are the four places to be in Namchi if you like books and/or conversations.

  1. District Library Namchi

If you want some solitude and want to cruise through some books then this is the place to be.

Mrs Choden Lepcha is the appointed District Librarian and the curator of this library.

There are approximately twenty-one thousand books, of all categories, which include books in English, Hindi and Nepali languages, in the adult and children’s’ section.

The library is funded by the government and the funds come through State Central Library (SCL) situated in Gangtok and the funds arrive annually.
There are a total of 600 members and around 10 members visit daily, so having your own personal space is not an issue.

  1. Crumbs and Whips Cafe and Bistro.


Located at the Jorethang road, this is perhaps one of the best cafes in Namchi.

Mr. Sarad Chettri, the owner of the café, who also runs it, researched and worked for four years to establish this cafe.

The bistro specializes in Italian and Irish cuisine. The cafe was established on May 08 2015, and is inspired by Italian and Irish cultures. It has a pleasant ambience and great music to add on to it.

They serve a number of cuisines, but specialise in Italian and Irish cuisines, with great brews of coffee which is brewed in semi -automatic coffee machines.

Crumbs and Whips also has its own bakery and they bake great cakes and pastries for people with a sweet tooth.

  1. Crema Cafe- Deli & Bakery

Located in a noise-free area of Namchi, the Bhanjyang road, this is the quiet corner for you.

Owned by Mr Nitin Rai, this cafe has a number of special cuisines and various kinds of coffee with a twist from the owner’s own imagination.

The deli specialises mostly in American food and coffee.

The cafe has a pleasant, cosy environment and a calm tone to space.

The balcony in the café is perhaps the best place to be in an evening where one can sit and watch the horizon change its colours.

  1. Kava Cafe.

Located in the Namchi Bazar area, above the Police Station, this is one of the most popular cafes in Namchi mainly because it specialises in Vegetarian and Vegan food in reasonable prices.

The café owned by Mr Ashok Goyal has a Victorian-era feel to it and was established to make people want to just stroll in and have a wonderful chit-chat over coffee breaks and bites.

All the cafes mentioned above have a few books stacked in case you like your own space and books more than others. ☺

So if you’re from Namchi or happen to visit there sometime soon, do visit these places.

If you have more suggestions please leave it in the comments below.

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