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Deep and The Dark Web: The darker parts of the internet.

​It all started when I was having this really nice conversation with my friend who happens to work as a software engineer for a pretty big firm, and he is basically a nerd of all things computer. We were talking about and discussing divinity, and what might have triggered the thought of a God entity. I believe that most, or at least, many of us have had this conversation about if a God, a being who created all of the observable reality, and beyond that, a realm full of wonders, really exists, regardless of our faiths and beliefs. 

Nevertheless, me and my friend came to a pretty bland and basic conclusion that there was this need to quantify the good and the bad in the world, in simplicity; we came to a conclusion that it was pleasure and suffering, the contrast in these two human conditions that might have spawned the idea of two entities who might possess the ability to have an otherworldly influence on our state of being, namely, God and The Devil.

One who was all powerful, wanted us to prosper, helped us in perilous conditions and supplied serenity whenever one needed it, and the other who was darkness personified, he wanted nothing but suffering for us. There is a strong chance that this idea of these two contrasting entities had kindled due human reasoning; we might have explained all this, the nature of these beings, seeing the nature of night and day, either of which would not exist without the presence of the other, similarly, happiness and sorrow, power and incapacity, and our own good thoughts and bad thoughts that might have triggered an idea about God and The Devil. 

Good and Evil, the two perceptively and subjectively contrasting states of viewing something that has transpired, or something that is transpiring in and around our state of being.

“There are people who choose to do the right thing and people who choose to do wrong, simple as that.”

“But isn’t the concept of right and wrong always subjective? Take an example of two countries at war, don’t go into why they are at war in the first place, just know that they are. There are two soldiers in opposing sides, one is Jeff and another Jamal, both Jeff and Jamal are loyal sons, righteous, loving, and patriotic, their parents love their boys, and the boys love their parents. Jeff and Jamal are in each other’s line of fire, each trying to kill the other in the hope of saving their own lives and ultimately protecting their nation. Looking at this from our standpoint, total hypothesis, and you see that this is just human nature, trying to survive and trying to protect the tribe, but look at it from the standpoint of either one of their families and the picture is totally different, there is death, a loyal son murdered by the hands of an evil enemy. Who is the enemy here? Who is the victim? Who is right and who is wrong?”

“Well, human beings have always been like that, we have always needed a scapegoat to blame for our shortcomings, for our mistakes and our choices. It is humans who choose to go to war with other humans.”

“Touché, we humans have denial encoded in our DNA. We cannot handle the truth, the truth that shows us our own ugly side, so we come up with plenty of whipping boys to blame. Maybe because of this very denial, some of us can switch the curiosity off, turn a blind eye, and escape to happiness, maybe that’s why we don’t do as much as we are supposed to, for the world, because we have denial as our primary line of defense, we just stop caring, and evil begins from ignorance, some stop caring and some take it to the extreme, inhuman actions.”

“Hold that thought. Talking about inhuman, let me show you something. Please pass me my system.”

“Here, it better not be an episode of Marvel’s Inhumans.”

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My friend then turned on his laptop and started a browser whose logo resembled an onion, he then started writing what looked like codes to a layman, they almost looked like command prompt codes but then there were encrypted lines in those codes, and there popped up this basic looking site which looked more like a 90’s chat room. There were people who were just talking, writing codes, and asking questions, weird questions, questions like: 

“Where do I get to see live stream killings? Where do I find child porn? Can someone send a link to cannibal shop? Does anyone have the link to a gun selling site, the kind that has no serial numbers on their products?”
There was this link that my friend clicked on, it looked nothing like a link, it was encrypted and looked something like, “ra9d0mnumb3rs4nd4lph4b3ts.onion” and then a site turned up that still haunts me, a magenta colored site which looked vaguely similar to, but it didn’t have random pictures but pictures of naked under aged girls, who clearly didn’t want to be there. On the left were the images and on the right was their description, their age, how exploited they were, and their prices. These girls were aged between 11 to 17 years old and were ready to be sold, I was disgusted at the sight of that hidden site, so was my friend, he didn’t know where these links went to and randomly clicked one and it led us to a human trafficking site.

“Sorry bro, I didn’t know that this link would lead us here, but this is this, this is what I wanted to show you, what the surface data or mainstream doesn’t want you to see until you seek, a fraction of evil that is hidden from the main data stream or the surface information, that we are easily in access of.”

“What is this? They look very young and judging by the description, they are. 10.4 bit coins for underage sex slaves? Cannibalism? Live Killings? Child Pornography? Human Trafficking? All of this online? Are these hackers? My mind is literally blown to kingdom come right now. What is this? This is disgusting and horrifying. How I unsee this?”

“You don’t. You live with the fact that the world is even uglier than you’ve imagined and known. People are evil man, and here’s the dark web to prove that. There’s good here too, but evil is more prevalent.”

We then went back to the chat room and there were more of these encrypted links, links to all kinds of sites, some turned out to be good sites that included information about conspiracy theories, cryptology and other leisure sites with good intellectual value.

Some people who have been dwelling the surface web have no idea that the internet is basically divided into three categories:

1. The Surface Web, that includes data that is available on the surface servers that can be found using search engines and websites like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, 4chan, Imgur, CNN, Bing, Reddit, etc.

2. The Deep Web, which is not as badass as one would expect if one explores through it, it consists of in its simplest form, information that most search engines do not or can not access.In some cases one can access the deep web using a normal browser. It also consists of data for private networks and hidden sites that deal in academic databases, medical records, financial records, legal documents, specific reports, subscription only information, organizations, forums, blogs, movements and some organization specific repositories.

3.The Dark Web, which is virtually almost impossible to infiltrate, is also in its more complex form, a part of the deep web and there is a substantially low chance of you accidentally venturing into the dark web. This section of the web is intensively encrypted. It includes anonymously logged in users using the Tor browsers (The Onion Router browsers:  The onion router is a free software that helps your IP address to stay hidden by keeping your movements on the web encapsulated in layers of encryption, layers that are almost like that of an onion). Most of the activity here includes drug trafficking, pornography, weapon sales, human trafficking, political protests and other illegal activities.

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Sikkim is not yet exposed to the dark web trade like states with metropolitan areas in India. Maybe 1 out of 20 people in Sikkim have a vague idea of what the deep and the dark web really is, and 1 out of a 100 know in certainty about how to get into the deep and the dark web. Sikkim, like many of the North Eastern states of India, has people who are pretty active on the internet, mainly on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but then most of us are totally oblivious about the deep web.

Many people use Tor networks and browse deep web to avoid Governments and other bureaucratic organization from tracking and spying on their privacy, unlike the blatant display of one’s private life all over the surface net with mainstream social networking sites.

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If any of the readers want to explore the deep web out of curiosity, here’s a beginners guide to the deep and the dark web.

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1) Think about why you want to go on the deep web.If for fun, then turn back, because people seeking for fun aren’t always the ones who enjoy slow loading pages and plain browsing. You may have read loads of cool horror stories about the deep web but honestly, 90% of it is finding dead links, pointless sites and a whole lot of browser loading! Unless you have an actual use for being anonymous, deep web isn’t the playing field for you.Other than that, most of the “hype” about the deep web doesn’t exist. It’s rather bland and boring mostly.

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2) Google “TOR” and download it. TOR is a web browser, just like Internet Explorer or Firefox. TOR is what gives you access to the deep web. It also provides ‘some’ privacy by mixing your IP address up a bunch so people who track your computer don’t know where you actually live.

3) Next, you want to add some more levels of security for your TOR browser. On the deep web you are open to many cyber attacks so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Watch this 3 minute video which guides you what to disable/modify in your browser before you get started: – This is important!

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4) You’re all set! Now Google “deep web links” to get started. You’ll notice that unlike the clearnet where links are easy to understand (, etc) the deep web tends to have encrypted domains (jsdfn9438nfefewfd.onion). This is why you NEED to be careful before clicking on a link. You won’t know what the link is until you click on it so be sure to know what the link leads too!
5) Enjoy. There are plenty more safety precautions you can take such as running a different OS like Linux or Tails to boost privacy but for now, if you’re not doing anything too crazy, this is a suitable guide for newbies.

Do Red Rooms exist?

No. TOR is a very slow browser. Even trying to stream a 60 second video on the deep web can take up to 30 minutes. Trying to LIVE stream on the deep would be near impossible.
Can I get arrested for using TOR? No. However, depending on what you do on the deep web you can get arrested. So don’t do anything stupid like buy drugs or download anything disgusting!
This cool website offers me cool stuff if I pay, should I? Hell no! Most service sites on the deep web are scams. Because it is all anonymous, including the bitcoin payment, people can scam you very easy! Only ever buy something which has loads of reviews by REAL people.
What are some cool things I should do? No idea. Maybe setup an email account using a deep web service, study PGP, and join some forums. Look for cool write-ups and anonymous blogs. Like I said, the deep web isn’t all that amazing.

(Beginner’s guide to the deep web courtesy, reddit user Muxiux).

Be advised that there are a lot of hackers and identity thieves that might be looking to attack your system or  steal  your  personal information(like credit and debit card information, your adhaar or social security numbers) and use it for unethical purposes, so be very vigilant and extra careful when/if you visit deep web.

If there is anything you would like to add regarding the deep and the dark web and how to get there, please post it in the comments section below.

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