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Since the days our ancestors started carving tools for hunting in the wild and the miraculous invention of the wheel, we know that us humans are no ordinary beings. We are more than just flesh and bone, gifted with an uncanny source of intelligence, referred to as the mind. Analysis of the history of mankind and modern psychology often hints to the power of the human mind which is capable to accomplish the most wondrous of things. Our forefathers who draped in leopard skins with their hunting gear only had a few instincts: filling their bellies to satisfaction and watching out for predators. The modern man has carried out this tradition of progress in a wonderful manner, expanding across the farthest of horizons. Each year brings new opportunities for the advanced human being to contribute more to the world by harnessing the power of his mind.

Innovations and ideas have been the basis of all richness in life in recent days and Sikkim doesn’t fall back in this regard. This factory of beautiful minds constantly contributes to the well-being of the local public, generation after generation. Sikkim is ruthlessly sprinting towards more advancement, with people breaking barriers and working towards their goals, driven by passion and positive emotion. Let’s look back at Sikkim from a decade ago.

The pass that runs through the crevices of the Himalayan mountain range Nathu La, was opened to cross-border trade with China. The state saw growth in its economy since the inauguration of the pass and also witnessed a rise in the literacy rate and population density, with people from the mainland migrating to Sikkim to venture forward and perhaps also with the thought of settling down. The economy of the state has been dependent on agriculture and tourism for a long time now and a study of 2014 exhibits that the GDP (Gross domestic product) of Sikkim is still one of the fastest growing in spite of holding the third-smallest GDP among Indian states. Low GDP is considerable if we explore the population statistics because Sikkim is home to the least number of inhabitants in the subcontinent of India.

Okay! So let’s get down what we are actually here for.

In this week’s article, we are going to blatantly predict how Sikkim is going to transpose in the coming five years. The likelihood of occurrence of any point mentioned is purely based on the facts available to us per date, and we make no such assurances that the future will mirror this article in any way. As we are all aware of the uncertainty of tomorrow, these predictions may be chewed by all but swallowed at one’s own preference.

Food Industry

The staple diet of the population of Sikkim broadly consists of rice, lentils, chapattis, and vegetables like every other South Asian household. But in the recent years, Sikkim has had the pleasure to experience food cultures from across countries due to the growth in franchises and modern restaurants. International brands such as Dominos, Subway, Baskin Robbins, American Broaster, Café Coffee Day have already made their mark in the recent years. This rapid growth in the food industry has tantalized the taste buds of the north-eastern foodies and have left them craving for more. International cuisine is no longer just a word we hear in the movies and are readily available for everyone. Also due to the rise in food delivery related start-ups in Sikkim, we can definitely predict the growth of restaurants, franchises and food varieties for the year 2022.

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Entrepreneurship and Employment

Sikkim has witnessed a massive increase in the number of people embracing the idea of self-employment and abandoning the regimented 9 to 5 routine. We have seen an increase in the level of intellectuality and understanding of the common public who have started accepting the notion of working for his or her own dreams. This, in turn, has led to an upsurge in job opportunities.
Recently, the Chief Minister of Sikkim has issued a start-up scheme with the objective to empower Sikkimese youth to play significant roles in creating employment opportunities, thereby enlightening the minds of our state to embrace financial independence and making Sikkim self-sufficient. We are sure to expect that there will be immense growth in entrepreneurship and employment in the coming years while simultaneously witnessing a decline in gender restrictions to job opportunities.

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Fashion Industry

It is all but a common sight to see a lot of people dressing themselves up in accordance with the trends around the globe. Bomber jackets and baseball caps, long line tees and distressed denim, fashion trends seem to arrive earlier than an ambulance. International fashion brands have already stepped foot on the Sikkimese soil, establishing its roots as far out as possible. Retail stores and new clothing lines pop up every now and then and online shopping has now become a hobby. We have seen a growth in people seeking employment in the fashion industry as our social media floods with fashion bloggers and YouTubers. If someone were to plot down the statistics, one could predict that the year 2022 will see more fashion related start-ups, clothing lines and image consultancy agencies.

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Science, Technology and Communication

Technology is one area, where Sikkim hasn’t been able to make a prominent landmark, but one must realise that necessities can be transformed into business opportunities. The Government seems actively involved to improve the standpoint of Sikkim in the field of Technology by collaborating with brilliant minds and ground-breaking companies. Telecom Services are set to expand the horizons of the population in the coming years. New infrastructures, industries, and universities are expected to pop up to enrich the people with ideas of development in Science and Technology.

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In the year 2022, we believe that the lost kingdom of the Himalaya will see its people breaking the barriers of the modern day society and excelling in the fields of their interest. Redendron is all set to encourage the youth to involve actively to create Sikkim a better place as we expect to see a large growth in literacy and people pursuing employment in fields of art, music, and literature. Areas such as the film industry, agriculture and tourism are also expected to flourish. Rest assured, the forecast of the future looks very promising, and the weather? Cloudy with a chance of rainbows.

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