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The Twilight of an Abyss

The Twilight of an abyss (1)

With the advent of the idea of the word “Nature”, an association of trees, streams, mountains and clear breeze paved way for something that stood outside civilizations- not just trees and wildlife, but also Humans.

Humans are at the highest strata of the social ladder. Our genius and intelligence can be blamed for placing ourselves in that position. Intelligence worked with trial, experimentation led us to Technology – and upliftment. Technology gave legs to the crippled, a voice to the dumb and an array of hope for a world that was void of everything we have today. It led us to development.


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Development struck us well- both by choice and by chance. Either way, technology and development could never be ignored or put a blind spot on. But, a vessel can carry only an amount it is assigned and designed to. Technology is large- as large as large can be, but we, humans are larger and knowledge, well infinite. Just as the youth of a nation, development gives a hand in improving the state of the world. It makes the world a cosmopolitan state. Development was thought of as an accomplishment, a closure. However, today it is a ladder over a pit. It goes on and on, stepping on to a wooden ladder, with its heavy steel body.

Not yet. Soon will.


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And the wood will break as well. To err is human, to correct Divine. Technology was thought of as a step closer to divinity. However, it was also a mistake. It had and still had both its faces. The multitude of responsibilities that came along with development and science is forgotten. We are hypocrites everywhere, making untrue promises, never meaning any. The thin line between nativity and foolishness is losing existence.


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While augmenting the beauty of the model we have created, that reminds us of the exquisite wisdom, immense hard work and dedication we laid forth, we have got to realize that the box we live in will soon die and the world we live in will soon leave.


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Development is True Art and the virtuosity is genuine. But we aren’t true artists, for an artist is said to be able to create a piece without leaving a single trace of their identity. We have defied that. We have murdered the Earth, an unfortunate victim, in a cruel and yet in a beautiful manner. Decking it up with priceless jewels but using a cheap dagger through its gut.


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To err is Human, or could it be that to be Human is to err?


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