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The Battle of The Sexes | Understanding the Opposite Sex 

Hi there, this is not actually a war between the genders but basically just an understanding of the psychology that governs certain aspects of everyday life. We’ve all heard of sexist cliches like, “Men don’t listen”, “Women are crazy,” “Men don’t think with their heads”, and “Women can’t read maps” that pop up now and then. It is safe to assume that the majority of these cliches aren’t true especially when you know that women can actually read maps and men do listen. Countless books, scientific research and articles have addressed the ideas of how different we actually are from the opposite sex. Recent technologies have generated enormous evidences that there are inherent differences in the circuitry of the brain and how they work between men and women.

The research done has generated a totally different wave of sexism, known as “neurosexism” which is a misguided belief resulting from the amalgam of sexism and neuroscience. I suggest you not to fall prey to the stereotypic assumption to pick up the differences and assume one sex is better than the other.

Nirao Shah’s research shows the difference between behaviour and cognition and not how ecstatic one is from the other. It was found that a woman’s hippo­campus, associated to learning and memorization, is larger than a man’s and works differently. On the other hand, a man’s amygdala, critical to experiencing of emotions and the recollection of experiences, is bigger than a woman’s.

The human brain is the ultimate fighting champion of evolution and it has been branched to flourish in its own aspects. Taking a look back at the prehistoric times, men went out to hunt for rabbits and women took care of their homes. The adaptation in these different environments caused the men to have a “one point focus” which was meant for hunting and women became masters of perceiving non-verbal communication as how a mother can tell what the infant needs just by looking at his face.

Obviously this doesn’t entitle men to go and hunt or women to look after their homes. As ancient mythology suggests a completely different version of the perceptions we have about feminine and masculine nature.


Valkyries were female warriors of the Norse mythology. Popularised as beacon of strength, prestige and power,descending from the heavens on the backs of the majestic horses.

Cupid (Eros)

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. He has white wings and carries with himself a golden bow and arrows, as a symbolism of love and desire. He shoots these arrows at people and messes up their love life.

My notion of masculine and feminine tends to overlook the differences and rather revolves around its similarities. That is probably because of the fear that we’ve all been brainwashed to use the differences to stereotype and debase others. Sometimes we need to open our minds and understand that the differences are worth exploring too.

David Deida, a renowned spiritual and philosophical writer looks at these concepts through a different perspective. He highlights, “the masculine is everything eternal, and the feminine is the ever-changing”. The masculine and feminine are energies that are bound to exist in synchronisation, one affects the another. According to him, masculine essence is driven by purpose and direction; and feminine essence is drawn to creating more love and partnership in the world. A single person embodies both these energies and requires for him or her to harness them both to seek one’s true purpose. He suggests that everytime you felt like you needed to relax with your favourite drink by the river bank, you were seeking feminine energy and everytime you wanted to complete a certain task, you were seeking masculine energy. Relationships work when there is polarity between the two energies so as to create a whole.

Obviously a lot of these concepts might not be edible, but it widens our perspective. Maybe the differences that we have developed or have been hard wired in is what holds everything in place. There is no war between the genders as no one is better than the other but instead, we are bound to exist in synchronisation as the two sides of a same coin. The differences do not take us away from each other but combines to form a whole, as yin and yang or whatever you wish to call it.

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