The Psychology of The Current Generation

(The following is an article from Karma Jimba)

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It seems that the current generation seems to have just stopped evolving and is evolving in ways that are not sensible nor evolving in means that are supposed to contribute in increasing the world’s knowledge and understanding of how the universe works. No, instead the current generation, the teenagers, the ones who are supposed to be the future, the ones meant for greatness and further take humans to greater extents of knowledge, meaning, understanding, success, have come to a standstill.

No, this current generation seems to take interest in being artificial, writing long birthday messages that as soon as written, will be remembered and felt only for a few minutes, possibly hours, only to be forgotten once the connection is broken or numbed. This current generation seems to take life as we know it in a very laid-back manner, seemingly thinking that posting on social media apps about their woes, incapability of being able to cope or not skilled enough with day to day things, very humorous and appealing to those who are dumb enough to like and comment.


Not knowing what you are doing with life seems to be a joke these days, seemingly thrown around to encourage people, possibly making them believe that one should be 100% spontaneous but truth is, and it hurts, only the gifted can do that.

Calling every girl on social media as “pretty” is a lie, if every girl is pretty in this world then why are so many women treated in such ugly fashion ? Why are so many women trying so hard to get a beautiful figure if they were pretty to begin with ? The answer is influence, manipulation, self-esteem, self-knowledge. Only a few people in this world can call upon all these skills and use them to become better than what they are and not be influenced by such a slanderous society.


It is essential to find out your worth and meaning in life, otherwise, you will be stuck wondering what is your purpose for being brought in to this world, that answer and question is only brought up by yourself and can only be answered by yourself, no one else, because you will be finding your own truth, and this truth, this view, this energy, will be with you for life, and then beyond, it will be what defines you so please, don’t let to waste what little time you have left on this place, make good use of it and if you do, you will be remembered, for however long or little it may be, you will be felt, cared, longed for and this may seem very contradictory to what I’ve said earlier but, however, there are two differences in this.

What is felt in doing the former is very different in doing the latter, the thing is, you have to find out what’s the difference.

Your thoughts?