The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) | Cocktail Party for The Tech Freak

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The world today is a playground of strange yet intriguing gadgets and technologies, which will keep on changing to fulfill the never-ending, new horizons of the human comfort. As consumers, tech admirers, innovators and the ones who thrive on the business of consumer technologies, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), is the place or a world stage to be, basically like a tech cocktail party. Actually, anyone can attend the CES. From a person owning a smartphone or the one who has a website for a startup to the geeks and nerds, anyone can be a part of it. It has been a proving ground for the innovators and breakthrough technologies for over the past 50 years.The first CES was held in June 1967 in the New York City and the event having attendees around 17,500 and over 100 exhibitors and since then, the event was hosted in many other cities such as Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Looking back to the 60’s, the time when Kennedy was elected as the president, the pocket radios, and the T.V sporting integrated circuits were exhibited in the first CES, which sold out like hotcakes. Imagine an exhibit space more than 2.6 million sq. feet, which is equivalent to approximately 45 football fields and 4000 exhibiting companies from all around the world with their best gadgets that they had been baking which are yet to be released, I mean what could be possibly better than to witness and give it a shot? From latest tabs to the fascinating innovations like the battery belt, a cover by apple that can be used to carry your iPads and iPhones underwater and many other things can be witnessed in the event.  CES is just like visiting the safari the only difference being that, instead of the wildlife you will be witnessing some mind-altering new technologies. Also equivalent to a humongous candy store, with all the exquisite mouthwatering candies waiting for you to try on and you being the kid present out there for the love of the candy.

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Here is the list of some groundbreaking Gadgets from the CES 2018:

Sony’s Aibo: The Aibo is a robotic version of a pet dog which you always aspired to own but might shrink off your wallet as it is a very expensive pet to own. It has expressive OLED eyes (the puppy eyes) which can actually lure you to feed him the real food. If you are habitual to pat your pet, you can pat the Aibo and the pet responses to that as there are actuators and sensors present in the whole body and a camera in the nose to actually recognize the person he met.


Omron’s ping pong robot: A robot dedicated solely to the ping pong lovers out there. If you need to practice but you have no one the receiving side of the table, that’s when Omron’s ping pong robot comes in handy. The robot is so intelligent and wise that it assists the human opponent, boosting the player’s motivation and skill. It is equipped with Omron’s proprietary model to instantly process massive volume of data and predict the next movement of the ball.


Razer’s project Linda: Hot off launching its first smartphone cum a laptop is an intriguing one, pitched to gamers. The razer phone can be docked off in a hollow place where the touchpad of the laptop would be, where a type C USB mechanically slides into the phone after a button at the side of the laptop is pressed. The display of the phone is actually seen on the laptop once its plugged in.


Sony’s 8k TV:  The Brightest T.V on the planet which actually can deliver up-to 1000 nits peak brightness. Nit is the measurement of brightness and 1000 nits mean an insanely superb TV almost like being present on the scene. However, it is also, a prototype which will be launched in the near future.


Nura: The first self-learning headphones to literally adapt to your unique hearing using the sound wave technology.

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Technology is undoubtedly the single most force that has led the future towards sustainability and growth. Steve Jobs was very clear about his thought when he introduced the first smartphone by saying, “Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” I believe that CES will be the perfect way to embrace the knowledge of Technology and Electronics, for anyone who is just starting to learn its basics or the savage tech freaks.


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