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YOGA SAVED MY LIFE | Interview with Mrs. Deepa Gurung

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re listening to someone and suddenly your attention starts to drift away from the conversation to hover around that last episode of Game of Thrones, or the laundry that you should have done five days ago, or that Whatsapp joke you read in the group you hardly reply or perhaps that song that your upstairs neighbours were boom-boxing all night. If you’re someone who constantly zones out, then you know what I am talking out. Mindfulness is actually something I most struggle with, and I was actually excited about today’s article because I had the chance to interview someone whose life is an inspiration for anyone seeking mental clarity and mindfulness.

We live in a dome of constant mental chatter and background noise that constantly plays at the back of your head jumping from one thought to another. Many of us can teach themselves to actually step outside it and Mrs. Deepa Gurung is one of them, a health enthusiast who believes in uniting her mind, body, and soul through the practice of Yoga even in her middle ages. She was battling against the life tide. “At a point, my life was turmoil. Everything around me was falling apart. Also, I was not satisfied with my job and I nearly went to depression, that’s when yoga helped me cope up with all the negatives in life. Yoga saved my life” stated Ms. Deepa Gurung. After her completion of TTC (teachers training course), her venture began, conducting various workshops and Yoga sessions for the benefit of the people. She believes that Yoga is not only to maintain physique or bring flexibility but also for the mindfulness and vitality, increased metabolism, and immunity.

A year after completion of ATTC (Advanced Teachers Training Course), she established “Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre” in the year 2016 at Gangtok. In fact, the first ashram in the North East affiliated to the “International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre”. The exceptional feature of the center is the classical or a traditional yoga that is followed, which is said to authentically preserve its purity and tradition which can be dated back to several thousand years which delivers vitality, health, and peace of mind. Yoga has been a part of her life during her highs and lows for nearly a decade which helped to pave her journey with a sense of clarity and mindfulness. She now has a number of practitioners learning the unique style of yoga that she learned in the course. According to her, the reason behind establishing the branch in the capital is that she wanted the people of hills to experience the same while she was at the “Dhanwantari Ashram”. Where nature and the teachings so beautifully synchronized to make her understand the true aspects of being in harmony with the mind and the body. The Ashram lies in the quiet foothills of Kerala’s the Western Ghats famous for the natural beauty of the Neyyar dam lake which has a strikingly picturesque view.

Her healthy life comprises of yoga, meditation, and a balanced diet. She suggests the readers indulge in yoga and meditation to tackle the stress of everyday life and to detach oneself from overthinking. Various suicidal cases have been reported in the past, which cannot be undone, but she believes that yoga and meditation will play a key role in minimizing it in the future.

Life had certainly been heavy on her when she found herself in the middle of nowhere, struggling to make ends meet, not having the time to even sit down for a breather. She finally decided to turn her life around by embracing Yoga and she has surely succeeded as can be said by that genuine smile on her face.

Investing time in yoga and meditation helps us cope up with the aphotic side of our life. Mrs. Deepa Gurung’s story is an inspiration to start living our lives in its true potential, with the mind and body in sync. Yoga and Meditation will not only improve our vitality but will also help us perform better in work and creating better relationships. We have become so engrossed with coping up to survive in this fast-moving world that we have forgotten to even sit silently for a moment or two, but it all begins with a simple choice.



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