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One Life Hack For Everlasting Motivation

One Life-hack for Everlasting Motivation

You live in your own bubble. You have your own thoughts, plans, and ideas as to how your day is going to be spent the moment you wake up in the morning or in some cases, the afternoon. You have dreams and you want to achieve something in life. You have been told that what you do with the twenty-four hours allotted to you shapes the outcomes of your reality.

But here’s the catch, we are all but slaves to our own selves. Most of the time, we do the things that we feel is the right thing to do, without having a second thought that they might be wrong. No matter the top of evolution entitled to us, we humans do things in our own accord.

You and me are inside this!

One lazy afternoon, I was listening to this inspirational speech on YouTube given by a Navy Seal about how we should start our day. He said that the first thing that we must do is make our bed. This gives us a sense of satisfaction, he said, a satisfaction of completing one of the simplest tasks of the day. That’s how most of us start our day, but quite honestly I don’t. I fool my brain quite easily. If I have a decision to make, I go over and over the idea that I prioritize, and finally conclude that it is the right thing to do. Although time does matter, it doesn’t matter to me at the moment. Finally, I make the decision.


My mind goes, “Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones. But assignment, laundry, thrones, the game of thrones. Last episode. I should watch ‘Game of Thrones’.”

Good or bad, decisions decide how our day is going to be like. Finally, when our day ends, we sleep along with our decisions to continue this cycle of futility the next day with our fresh minds, the day after that and so on. It has become a routine that we so gladly follow, a routine that we have become so accustomed to – a perfect loop.

Loops are what we prefer, for the entire system of this world prefers loops, the entire universe drools over loops. Loop-O-Philia or something, I don’t know. The future is decided by what we do today, what we did today. So, what exactly did you do today?

One thing that I have known being the emperor of procrastination is that every human being has a driving force that helps him/her keep up with the pace of the world. Something that pulls you away from the loop. Why do we wake up and get out of our beds and follow our everyday self-constructed loop? What drives us?

The answer is survival. We, humans, are on the top of the food chain. Humanity is also a chain, an environment, where only the humans exist and on each level of this chain, there are humans with different types of everyday self–constructed loops, all dependent on one another. Every human beings’ everyday loop differs from another wherein different decisions are made.

During the 19th century, there was an explorer named Henry Morton Stanley who started an expedition to map the Congo River. He started with 228 men. A lot of them suffered from diseases, some of them drowned, some got killed by natives. On the 999th day, he finally mapped out the river with only 114 men.

Henry Morton Stanley. London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images

Man of steel, was he?

He wasn’t blessed with supernatural abilities whatsoever, but there was one particular thing.

He would wake up and shave his beard every single day.

Cues trigger a routine for a certain habit. Cues also trigger certain mindsets. When he shaved his beard every single day, it sent a cue to his brain that he had to complete the expedition. This was the source of his motivation.

So the question for ‘You and me’ should be- What are we going to do every single day that keeps us on track, no matter what?

Oh wait! here’s a buffet:- Journaling, Shaving, Exercising, Cleaning, Writing, Meditating, or simply whatever makes you feel like a productive ninja.

Pick one- do it every single day.

A day– that’s all that it takes. A day is a lot of time to spend. You have the power to recreate your own loop, modify it according to your needs and the power to make your decisions weigh more than what you think. Utilizing this power in a proper way might just help us live the day in the way we want to live. Planning beforehand, making distinct ideas for the decisions that we want to make might just make our day, and in a progressive way, our life better.

Let’s do this!


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