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Bigger than my body gives me credit for

John Mayer is a singer songwriter and an extremely talented guitarist. John Mayer is in all respects a genuine musician.
The music video of ‘Bigger than My Body’, is a simple one but the kind that makes you wonder. We see Mayer in his quintessential image, with an electric guitar and a mic. In this case the mic and guitar are connected at a distance to a huge set of speakers, providing the output. As he opens the song with the lines “This is a call to the colour blind…” we see people walking towards the speakers, ignoring Mayer. The video starts curiously, making us wonder what is happening. It appears to me that people are gathering around the speakers to listen to the song that John Mayer is singing, as they pass right by his side without noticing his body. While lyrics are beautiful and you immediately realise that it talks about how you can be more than what your body lets you, with every listen this song can be a spiritual realisation as well.
In the video it appears that Mayer is happy to see people listening to his music, the fact that people ignore him as it appears does not really bother him.
In my personal opinion, Mayer in this video is happy that people do not care about his superficial features and how he looks; they care about his music which is a personification of his true self. I think this video can be interpreted in many ways. However, there is one girl who does notice him and maybe realises that it is him who is making the music coming from the speakers, but is pulled back by the crowd around the speakers. That maybe somebody will appreciate you inside-out, but what really matters is that they know who you are.
This video honestly is pretty open ended in my opinion, but as I think more about it there are other underlying implications here. To artists, I think it tells us that we should be happy making Art & music to express ourselves, to connect with people. It makes us happy if they appreciate us, but the idea he seems to be trying to express in my opinion is that music or art, should not be used in order to get attention and popularity but to be understood or to make understand. In the long run as artists we will be happier if they appreciate our art because it is the spiritual embodiment of the artist’s person. To conclude, this video is so simple and yet full of messages. In the long run connecting the lyrics to the song, it makes me realise that just by living a normal mundane life is not enough. That I should be doing something and it makes me bigger than my body, it completes me.

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