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How To Create Your First Blog Post!!


This is not a guide that makes you a blogger but it just teaches you to create your first blog post.

You know, you fancy owning a blog but need some helping hands to get started- well, worry no more, you have knocked the right door. If you need to share your opinions, promote your personal brand or perhaps want to pour your heart out like Mark Zuckerberg did some moments before he created the “Face Mash”, blogging definitely is the tool for you to go. Blogging has really become an art form these days, and some people have made their fortunes out of it. Well, I am not here to discuss how they built giant forts out of blogging, but I am here to discuss the first step they took, finally before they paved their way into the mainstream.


The first thing to do would be, choosing a blogging platform. There are plenty of blogging platforms available out there. Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Room, etc, are the ones that always hang on the top of your Play Store Apps, and each having their own utilities. However, WordPress is like those busy highways which constitute most of the traffic. It is the most widely used platform and a person having the faintest of idea on blogging may rock the stage. So I will be guiding you on how to create your first free blog on WordPress.


WordPress provides you with different kind of site styles which varies according to your specifications. A business blog may differ from a personal blog in a way that it may have some additional features associated with it. However, this article is restricted to only creating your first free WordPress blog, so for any further queries, I can always help you in the comment section. There are some few steps to follow before you are good to go!

  1. Let us start by opening the WordPress home page, where you will see some colourful partitions that allow us to select the kind of blog we want.
  2. Just click the “get started link” to get you finally started and a follow-up page appears, to fill up some information regarding your blog.snip 1
  3. Fill up some basic information regarding your site.snip2
  4. You will be filling up your domain name or your site name. Your domain name can be anything you fancy, but it is suggested to keep your domain name in sync with the niche of your blog.snip3.PNG
  5. After that, you will have to pick a plan that is best suited for you. For now, just go with the first one and you will be directed to a page.snip4.PNG
  6. You will be entering your email id associated with your blog. You cannot use an email which is associated with any other WordPress account.snip 5

7. You have your new WordPress blog.snip6

Blogging Tips:-

  1. The world is engraved with unending stacks of things but you only care about the things you love. Apply similar concepts when you start blogging. Follow a particular line of thought, in other words, blog only about things that moves you or else your blog will eventually fade like the thoughts you don’t care about. Suppose you pick up a particular niche, say travelling. Unless and until you don’t travel or you don’t enjoy travelling, your line of thought won’t be on par with the blogs you create. Blogging on a particular niche will make blogging an adventure, where you don’t care about the end and enjoy the journey.
  2. Walk The Mile: – When you have a particular concept or an idea that you want to blog about, you must break out of your comfort zone to find out the necessary information about your topic. Anyone can type a few keywords in the Google search and claim to know what they know, but it takes real commitment to creating a substantial article. Go to the library. Meet the person you wanted to interview. Visit the place you want to write about. Walk the mile.
  3. Visual is king:- A successful article comprises of well sort out images that go in accordance with the idea that you wanted to deliver in your blog post. If the images that you have put on your articles are original, even better. It shows commitment.
  4. The blog isn’t always about the text: – The best way to make your blog even more dynamic is to communicate your idea in other ways as well, because hey, let’s be honest, not everybody likes reading. Other ways to communicate your ideas are podcasts, video blog(VLOG), photo journal etc.

Everytime you share, you care :)

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