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Rape is no more news!

Rape isn't news anymore

Good things travel slowly. Bad things have their wings spread as far as our eyes can see. This article does not point out the victims or the ones who have committed this crime. This article should point out to each and every one of you who knows how shameful and disgusting this topic has become for the whole nation itself. If an outsider comes and asks you about this topic, would you be able to look into his/her eyes and explain what has happened over the past years? Would you be able to explain when, where and how these incidents took place? Most importantly, would you be able to tell the AGE of the victim?  I cannot stand tall as an Indian, not anymore. To even think that we humans are capable of doing such things makes my mind ache in anger and surprise. This was a serious topic that everyone would talk about but now, we keep our heads low and our mouth shut because of the shame this topic brings us being the citizens of this country. Why is that? Why couldn’t we make the number of rape cases less by the years that have gone by? We, humans, are beyond godlike at blaming others. So, we start blaming. That’s what we do. First, we blame the one who has raped. Then, in some cases, we blame the one who has been raped. Afterward we start blaming the police. Then comes the society. At the end, the blame finally reaches the government. That is what I call ‘The Pyramid of Blame’.  This is the truth, but the real question is, who do YOU blame?

A few days back, I watched this short documentary – “Rape is Consensual”  made by The Quint on YouTube about the mindset of people on rape in Haryana. “This is a part of society. This will go on.”, “You cannot clap with one hand. It’s only when a boy and a girl meet do the two hands join.” said some of the locals.  I couldn’t take these words out of my mind. Such is the mentality of the citizens of India. The most recent case of Asifa, an eight-year-old Muslim girl who belonged to the Bakherwal community in Kathua’s Rasana village near Jammu and Kashmir is enough to turn even the strongest stomachs. The crime being committed by eight men of the same village has sparked unrest and violence between the Hindu and the Muslim communities. News reports say that the main aim of this crime was to “dislodge the Bakherwal community from Rasana.” Is communalism really of such importance? And how can someone dislodge a community from a locality by raping an innocent girl? Moreover, the worst part is that there are protests being organized by corporations like Hindu Ekta Manch in support of those pitiless criminals. We can just imagine all of this from the perspective of an outsider, how pitiful, how shameless, how inhuman the people of our nation have become and how justice really is served and how the laws here don’t matter anymore.

All faith in humanity seemed to be lost when a 21 month-old-baby was raped by a 40-year-old man from her neighborhood in Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar area on May 10th, 2017. Yes, a 21 month-old-baby girl, who can be held in one hand. She couldn’t even speak. She couldn’t even understand what has been done to her. She could just cry. If this doesn’t make your heart heavy then nothing else will. This crime has spread like a wild virus, a disease. Even in our state of Sikkim, a place which is considered peaceful and where we hardly ever hear any kind of law and order disturbance is slowly becoming unsafe as the days pass by. 18th December 2014 – “A 19-year-old woman alleges that she has been raped by an unknown person after she took a lift in a vehicle at around 9 PM to 10 PM somewhere at 32 no.”, says The Voice of Sikkim May 17th, 2016– A Gangtok taxi driver allegedly rapes an eighteen-year-old tourist girl from Kolkata who had gone for sightseeing in North Sikkim. Whether in a group or alone, the number of safe places for women in this country is being lessened by the day.

The first thing question that strikes your mind must be “How do we stop these crimes from being committed?”. Rather, I would like the answer to the questions “Why are these crimes being committed to such extent?” and “Why is justice so overlooked in our nation?”. What should we do? Urge the government to enforce the laws? Punish those merciless people for the world to see? What changes would these things bring?  We won’t be able to know. These recent incidents have instilled deeper fears among us – we have become more concerned for our daughters, sisters and loved ones. “Don’t go out after 8” is starting to become “Don’t go out at all.” Temples, schools, buses, taxis –  no place is safe anymore. Women are forced to carry pepper sprays in their bags all the time. School uniforms have changed but nothing seems to stop these crimes from being committed, not even our “gods” that we “worship”. Now, would you feel surprised if you hear news about a little girl being gang-raped and then brutally murdered? I guess not.


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2 thoughts on “Rape is no more news!”

  1. A girl gets raped, an outburst follows for a few months and then the world ‘moves on’.Then she becomes yet another ‘victim’ among the hundred thousands never thought of again.It is just sad,plainly sad.I have almost reached the point when I pity this country.

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