The Art of Art - Unleash Your Creative Genius - The Art of Art

The Art of Art – Unleash Your Creative Genius

Meditating upon the absurd nature of the universe and my own existence makes me want to go back in time, wishing I never stumbled upon this kind of knowledge. Knowledge that we are a tiny little cog of an almost infinitely large machinery. That we live on a ball of dirt revolving around a ball of fire, and also have discovered that there are a bazillion other balls of dirt like ours revolving around other balls of fire.

The universe makes us wonder through and through, it even makes us believe that it exists inside of us, not us inside it. It is this kind of belief that gives rise to the greatest creations ever witnessed, produced by astounding artists in their own fields.

We are born into the world with the power to express ourselves through a ton of means. Humans have this gift of thinking independently and then pouring it out into the world. Some are profound thinkers, while some give shape to their imagination to great effect. Some excel at both.

This discovery led us to scrape the dust in order to find more people in addition to the Redendron team, then we first came to life. The hunt was mainly for a hunger for glory and with minds full of elusive ideas. Now that we have come together as a collective, our highest motive is to be a voice for the people of Sikkim with an attempt to provide the artists and creators a platform to exhibit their crafts.

Being born as a human is like winning a lottery. Observe your pet and see if he can do any better than moving around, dropping ampersand shaped doodies. You, on the other hand, have been born with the ability to create, not just random doodles on the back of some notebook or conversations over the coffee table, but a fulfilling, happy life.

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you suck at creating stuff. I attempt to help the reader excrete from their mind such fallacies through this article.

You might believe that your creative and imaginative abilities have drained out of you because of your environment which promotes a routine in its workings, and you might be correct. One can lose their insightful self if the monotony of the environment takes over. However, you are not completely doomed.

Creativity is not a state of being, it does not appear suddenly and take its leave after remaining a few minutes in your company. If anything, it comes and grows, provided you put in the time and effort to develop it.

A common notion among people is that they’re restricted to methods and predefined regulations when it comes to creation. True creativity is rebellion against preset rules and methods.

We must remember that nothing is new under the sun. If you’re able to shed new light on something that has already been created, you can proudly declare that you can steal like an artist. Even the creator of the original piece would most probably be proud of you if you do it right.

What if your perception of creativity is similar to that of a switch? This perception limits you to thinking that you are incapable of creative work. There are no constraints when it comes to creation. If you fire up some courage, start creating and remain in consistent practice, there are chances that you will astonish yourself with your own flair.


You will also require a certain amount of confidence to express your ideas, without which your mind will fail to establish a connection between you and your piece, regardless of how capable you are.

We hide our ideas out of fear of judgment and criticism and are always afraid that they’re not as good as we want them to be. One of many explanations for this common behaviour is because we think our ideas reflect our beliefs and capabilities. We assume that the easiest thing to do is to keep it in and no one thinks we’re dumb.

Ideas bring with them a rush of emotion which we faultily interpret as creativity hits. Fact is that these hits can be experienced anytime, as long as we believe that creativity is a skill to be layered on top of another skill we’ve already acquired.


Creators are not merely praised for their clever ideas but also the courage they carry within them to toss their works out to the world for the people to see.

Mastery in creativity is attained only after walking a long, hard road, and a great amount of sacrifices. Firstly, the alignment of one’s values is significant. Untillable values and a sincere cause can help you stay on track of your creative pursuits.

The ones who succeed in such pursuits are those whose values are immune to other people’s judgmental opinions. They use others’ criticism as fuel to their fire to do more, to learn more and to impact lives through the concepts they create, drawing creative energy from a mysterious power source within themselves.

The courage to push forward and try something new is enough to catch an audience, if big audiences are what you like. Even if a small audience watches your every effort as you climb and create endlessly, sometimes that’s enough to keep going, to keep creating.

Courage is not only in giving your ideas some kind of form but putting it out in the world.

So go write that post, record that video, share that drawing you made. The world deserves to witness your craft.

Everytime you share, you care :)

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