A Hip, a Hop and You Don’t Stop


Start, a subculture of misfits,

Alleycats and junkies

Never meant to be political

a voice to the hungry

The five elements,

And Twelve jewels of the drum beat.

Artists in mixing,

sound and culture through

A visceral mission

A revolution of the truth,

The physical, visual

Emancipation of the youth

Deejaying, the aural element

The vibration of time

Cuts and scratches,

A culture founded on a bass line

Carrying stories

on the voices of emcees

The oral element,

of poetry from dead streets

Socrates’ philosophies

And all his hypotheses

Congregated criminals

dystopian economies

Painted on the truth

By walls of graffiti

The visual element

Of creation for the mind to be free.

Exercising freedom of body and mind

Breaking, the physical element

Losing the self, lost in time

Tied together by the fifth and final element,

The spirit that binds

Fire, earth, water, air and life

The final jewel is knowledge

Heritage and legacy of the teachers

Who brought it

KRS-one, gifted unlimited rhymes universal

GURU, The Wu-Tang, and the Sugarhill Gang

The message of flash and the furious five

A culture built on acceptance and importance of lives

Hip Hop is dark, the dirty parts of truth

But also emancipation from that truth

Liberation through the power of knowledge

Poetry on a beat

For it is only when you know your history

That you can stop a repeat





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