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Can we define life?

Yes, the absence of death.

Now, this isn’t conclusive enough now is it?


My view.

Life is a line, a collection of dots.

Each dot representative of an origin, a beginning, a start. It can be the start to a day, to an hour to anything. It’s just a start.

So what’s the end?

Simple, the last origin and the absence of any new origins.



Life is a line, all lives are.

So what are relations?

Sometimes lines meet, intersect and diverge.

Some diverge slowly whereas some diverge fast. And some, never converge and remain parallel or diverge too far.


So what do I conclude?


Lines share similarities, and some are vastly different so they converge or diverge or remain parallel.

All we do is play along with the origin and wait for the next origin

Each line has to converge onto another and it depends on the Angle of inclination of the line.

I believe parallel lines are better then converging ones.


Why? Just think about it.


A convergence means that the lines are same till they realize they aren’t, it’s an illusion. It’s a frail attempt of the people to deviate from their own schedule, own self to intersect.

Parallel lines on the other side are far far better.

The lines are similar but a constant separates them constantly.

This constant is a necessity and removal of it is the mistake that leads to troubles and ultimately divergence.

This constant is a difference between the two lines which gives them the individuality they need to be alive and well.

It’s the defining factor of the person, it’s the sole reason they are not the other line or vice- versa.

Lines can only be similar and not same.

This is the basic understanding and people need to know that and stay content with that.

It’s a very difficult job to do and hence it eludes so many individuals.

Contentment is a very hard but to crack, but it needs to be.

So that’s why I believe parallel lines are better than the intersecting ones.

It has a promise of being so much more and yet be content with the present state.

To be together as one and taking into account the differences and not forcing the better half to change.

To be their own comfort zone and make one for them both. A zone no one understands but requires a lot of work and effort.

The true essence of accepting someone the way they are.

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