Half of The World is Already Dead

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Yes, I got you!

You’re certainly (not probably, but who cares, right?) thinking as to why I have given such a heading.

To begin with, about 7.5 billion people are living on earth today, and never was the population on earth around 15 billion. A typical Marvel fan might be wondering, “Is this related to Thanos snapping off his finger and wiping out half the population on earth”? Now, if you are a ‘holy’ religious man, you may be wondering, “Yes, humanity is dead.” Well I am a writer and I make a note, “All of these things may be right.” But I have a more particular approach.

While reading out the topic of my article, many might have thought about humans but well, humans aren’t the only beings existing on earth. Look out through your windows, there is an attractive little bird, chirping in its nest on the tree right next to your window.  Look at the upper branch where that certain monkey is chaveling its fruit. Ah! I hear you. So, there is no bird next to you, no monkey on the branch, no tree next to your window.

So, the heading is justified. The bird, the monkey, the tree next to your window are all dead. Similarly, approximately 150-200 species (not individuals) are extinct everyday. It doesn’t really matter whether the 7 billion individuals of the species Homo sapiens exist today when nearly half of the planet is dead, and we are killing it still.

The story begins with the dawn of industrialization; James Watt discovered that steam power has the ability to change the way the story is set. Gradually, other gases were used to provide the mandatory force to run machines.  Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide etc. was emitted on a massive scale. Trees were cut, animals choked, birds fell from the sky. What a destruction it caused!  I aim to approach Modern-day science too, but I oppose the idea of anything winning over nature and controlling the natural forces. I state, with full confidence, that it will never be achieved.  But now the scientists are concerned and are searching for means to protect the earth and to find an alternative planet.

I have a nationalist view, and here, I need to mention my dear motherland: ‘India’.  The approach of ancient Indian culture, guidelines and knowledge (Hindu) which today has been wrongly categorized as just another so called ‘Religion on Earth” was different. Our ancestors believed in “Siya Rama Saba Jaga Jani, Karau pranama jora juga pani,” which translates to, “The world is like lord Rama and Sita whom we worship, let us bow before it for infinite ages.” They believed that the nature is our mother and lived with the principle of sustenance at minimum cost. India, in the Vedic age, was way ahead of the world. Bharat (ancient India including the modern-day Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangaladesh, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Tibet) was the ‘Vishva Guru” (a global teacher) in field of arts, science, philosophy, education, mathematics, business, etc. Based on the principles of the Vedas, Maharishis like Charaka, Shushrutha cured many illnesses and even performed surgeries. Parallel to the technology of refrigeration, Indians stored food and water in earthen-pots which kept them cool despite the temperature outside. Maharishi Kannad gave his theory of “KaNa” long before John Dalton proposed his theory of atom. In Hindu scriptures, it is mentioned that there is a total of 16 dimensions, whereas, the modern scientists are affixed at only 4, one of which is Time. Currently, modern science talks about a God Particle “Higgs Boson” that they speculate to exist in 11 dimensions.
Well, they may reach us soon.

I don’t intend to eulogize our culture as it already is glorious, I only inend to make my readers aware that in spite of being too advanced in science, India never became self industrialized. India showed no progress that was lethal to Mother Nature and went ahead with minimum exploitation, considering that the Nature was our mother. It was after many foreign invasions that India got industrialized followed by the inevitable mass destruction of the Environment. The western society had a different approach towards progress: “Conquer the Nature”’; and who wouldn’t get fascinated by a Conqueror? Almost everyone is and so were we. The same Indian blood that believed in nature being our mother was influenced by this western ideology and began looking at the nature as an obstacle for progress. Today we must question ourselves, “What is stronger? Us or the Nature?”. Yes, the whole of nature can be destroyed by blowing off a couple more than half a dozen of hydrogen bombs but would that be victory? I decline to think it would.
Such is the story and this is the situation today.

Just like the ancient Indians, we can still use the nature for peace, for the sustenance at minimum cost, and for Global harmony. We have should give up those things that will never be achieved and even when achieved, will never really be true achievements. How is leaving home, a world destroyed by human greed, and accessing a said ‘alternative’ world an achievement? Real achievements lie in being able to maintain a healthy society, peaceful environment, a green earth rich with life in every atom, welfare of each and every creation: matter and energy, biotic and abiotic, light and the dark, birth and death, Sukshma and Sthula.

“All dreams do not turn into reality; some are simply a waste of time and money.”

If you’ve reached at this point of the article, I believe you have a lot of questions tangled over your mind. I appeal that all of us make a collective study and find out ways to protect our planet and for the establishment of peace and harmony. Till then, let’s maintain a healthy surrounding, step out and plant a sapling, that sapling will grow to become a tree letting out enormous dimensions of life in a peaceful environment. Now close your eyes and just turn towards your window, I bet you’re able to see a tree next to your house, that monkey giggling and that sweet little bird singing a song and you enjoying by.

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