1000 words of Unspoken Rape

2 min read The night was darkest among all other darker nights, It was a monster night, so I thought at that moment . He had his hand holding me down, grabbing me by places not even my hand goes, touching and dragging his fingerprints all over my skin, his rough lips creating a map in my body … Read more1000 words of Unspoken Rape

How long is a long-distance relationship?

5 min read Okay, so first off no long distance is long enough to separate you. Of course! Isn’t that what all the love gurus, the love quotes and everyone who has ever been in love or has been in a long-distance relationship said? But I beg to differ, which means I’m going to say what they forgot … Read moreHow long is a long-distance relationship?

SPOTLIGHT – A Spotlight on Journalism (Movie Review)

3 min read As viewers, we are magnetized towards films that construe stories of relevance, stories that have been truly, in all its senses lived by real people, stories that touches us right in the heart, encapsulates and compels us to look back and see the reality through a different perspective, one that we were not aware of … Read moreSPOTLIGHT – A Spotlight on Journalism (Movie Review)