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An Imaginative Collision – What then is Love?

Hello reader.
I am back at writing, and by writing I mean really, WRITING after a long while.
I have been writing poetry and shorter pieces but I intend to go overboard with this one because I have long since “felt” a piece as I am doing now, because of the fact that I have not exhausted myself over words lately, and I intend to do just that with this one.

I know what I am going to write about, but at the same time, I have no clue of what is going to be the end product when I reach the climax.I have been writing of love a lot lately and not the one that you have in general for your friends, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, the nature, or people.


I am not talking about that kind of love, but the one that is a little harder to explain or comprehend, a love for a person who is kind of much more special, and do not take this sideways, the love for your mother or your father, will be different and maybe greater, but this is another kind of love, I have, not a lot, but a little idea of what this love is.

It is special and weird, it is different, it behaves differently and affects people differently, this kind of love is different for different people.

I have always been fascinated by the love that my mother and father share, two people, one from the Southern and another from the Eastern part of my state, fate intervened and made them cross their paths with each other, and “boom”, “sparks”, they chose each other to spend the rest of their lives together with, and suddenly I am writing about love some years later.

I like this idea of a soulmate, another soul that is destined to be yours to hold and nurture, and yours that is for them to nurture and cradle, I am not talking about marriages, marriages fail, but the ones that soulmates have, if two of them are lucky enough to bump into each other choose to spend the rest of their lives together, stays. It is an ordeal, a long and bumpy road and they have to work for it to stay, but by the Universe and all that is incomprehensible, it stays.

Maybe I am delusional and a hopeful hopeless romantic, but I guess I am not the only one and thousands of people have seen this exceptional phenomenon and believe in this too.

Maybe the animals know it too, if the souls they are destined to be with meet them and they share the weird love too.

I also have no idea about if they die, will they have the pleasure to find each other as energies and unite thereafter in the multiverse or not.

I really have no clue if this “phenomenon” is real and it exists or if it is just a figment of my imagination, like it has been with a multitude of other people, hitherto. I really don’t.

So, that being said, let me tell you a story, a figment of my imagination.

This story is about Xochipiili and Citra, Xochipilli and Citra are two spiral galaxies. Xochipilli and Citra both are massive spiral galaxies, each of them have a supermassive blackhole at their centre.

Xochipilli and Citra were not like this, not always, they were differently formed.

Xochopilli was older, it formed way back when the universe was in its infant state, the lumps of matter, remnants of creation, clumped together to form stars and these stars grouped together to form this galaxy.

Citra, on the other hand was nearly a Billion years younger than Xochopilli, it was formed when the universe was expanding, warping and settling, it was formed when gargantuous clouds of gas and dust, all of it, stardust, collapsed into themselves under their own gravitational pull, allowing for stars to form and hence this galaxy.

The Universe is a bitch!

When it decided to come into existence, it already had decided the fates of Xochopilli and Citra. It decided exactly how these galaxies were going to form, right next to each other and how they would have exactly the same amount of stars in them, it decided which star was to die, when and how, it had planned what was to transpire and how, the universe had it all planned.

Xochopilli and Citra loved each other’s presence, Xochopilli was alone for almost a billion years before Citra came into existence, they were in a close proximity so they shared their stardust, creating new stars in them and making a spectacle out of the procedure.

They loved being together, sharing and creating.

They had now created some trillions of new stars, all work of their playful imaginations and with the help of each other and their differences, the differences in the composition of the stardust that they housed and harbored, they created some miracles, they both decided to overdo things, they created some unstable, supermassive stars using up all the exchanged stardust and mixing it up, the stars died soon, at first Citra’s miracle star, the biggest and the brightest that it created died and formed a supernova, followed by a creation of a supermassive blackhole, the blackhole then warped Citra into a spiral galaxy.

Xochopilli was influenced by the gravitational pull of this phenomenon and because it also had overdone creating miracle stars, it soon followed on the footsteps of Citra, the biggest star that it created was fated with a similar explosion and a creation of the supermassive blackhole that soon turned it into a spiral galaxy too.

Now that we have established how and when these galaxies were formed, let us delve into more of my imagination, a figment of it anyway, I do not know if I can get through to you very clearly with this one because most of my imagination and thought process does not happen in words, or language or sounds, but colours and energy and vibration and stars and music, all of it visible in a spectrum of what I call “colourgies”, let us also establish that not only the galaxies are conscious but they have emotions, like you, just for the sake of the author.

The Universe is a bitch!

It knew of everything, it had the whole layout, the entire blueprint, about how things were going to turn out, about the attachment that Xochopilli and Citra had, the fickle relationship that they shared for some billion years, it decided that it should take things for some spin.

The Universe decided to warp itself again, pulling Citra away and keeping Xochopilli at the same plane.

See, I told you that the universe is a bitch. Xochopilli had the same stardust that it had for a billion years, before meeting Citra, all the stardust that it shared and exchanged had turned into stars and blackholes and the supermassive blackhole that made it go round and round, the same happened with Citra, it also had stars that were its own and the stars that were created by sharing the other’s energy were now changed in form.

All Xochopilli thinks about is Citra.
All Citra thinks about is Xochopilli.

The Universe is a bitch!

The Universe decided to take the two galaxies gazillions of light years apart from each other, both in time and space.

Spinning for eons and thinking about each other, they found solace in their own stars, some that still lingered, on the verge of death, some did die creating white dwarfs, red giants, black dwarfs, supernovas, neutron stars and blackholes.
Both the galaxies were isolated, no other galaxy ever fascinated them as they did each other, they now had spent eons in solitude, knowing their own stars better, the remnants of the fickle relationship that they had.

All Xochopilli thinks about is Citra.
All Citra thinks about is Xochopilli.

They studied themselves, knew their own selves better, they counted their own stars and they looked at their own star systems and they just kept learning the self, like no other galaxy did.

These two galaxies were the same in terms of thinking and feeling.

They were the most aware galaxies in the cosmos.

Spending an eternity in solitude can make an entity either lose their selves or find their selves and Xochopilli and Citra, found themselves.

They realized that they had each other within them, the lingering bits of energies of the other.

A pensive presence that was both lachrymal and uplifting.

They found that what they were nothing but black holes, a never ending pit of taking in; they found out that it was because of each other that they evolved into this spiral beauty.

They were not meant to be spiral but they were meant to meet each other, spend time with each other, and grow and evolve.

They finally started feeling content with their solitude, they finally felt free, still missing the energy of the other, but it was beautiful, the solitude was beautiful, this void was beautiful because the other was in it too, remnants of energies, remnants of the other’s stardust.

The Universe is a bitch!

The Universe had a premeditated plan for Xochopilli and Citra, it warped again, it twisted itself again and shot the galaxies into a closer proximity, they were shot into a collision course with each other.

Xochopilli and Citra now had realized that they were just blackholes and that everything that revolved around them, the matter, the energy, the stardust were just things, materials that were affected by the gravitational pull of their real selves, the black hole, an infinite pit of taking in.

They were headed for a collision.

They were both supermassive blackholes en route to each other, bound to face a cosmic collision, the Universe had decided.

They danced and contorted as the universe warped.
Space and time felt a ripple; they fell apart.
They were ensconced in singularity, jets of lights flashed in different direction.
Tangled in an instant where neither space nor time was relevant.
What happened next, even the Universe could not fathom, it never did understand perfection.

“It was meant to happen”, it said.

From the author: I do not know, and can’t fathom how this piece hits the reader, this piece is about an imaginative romantic relationship between two entities, two different existing consciousness. Please leave your feedback.

Everytime you share, you care :)

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