The Rigidly Vulnerable Nature of Human Superiority

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The vastness of the universe, kickstarting at a cellular level as the building block of our body, at the observation of the cell and its organelles, that’s where we start, from the beginning of existence and till we arrive to the subject of continuity of race. Changes undergoing and undergone, we humans have somehow survived extinction. Seeing other animals getting extinct rapidly, a question arises about the survival of the human race and if there is or not a possibility of human extinction. Of course, I haven’t read a hundred books or so, still I believe that the answer coincides with the title of my article.

Humans are a vulnerable species, extremely susceptible to physical and mental trauma. For example, the primary state of presence i.e. the physical body of a being is in contact with millions of microbes searching for hosts. A small scratch on the fragile human skin opens a wide door of opportunity for survival for the parasites and a wider one for us to provide them with nutrition and power over efficient working of our bodies.

Contemplating that, being as healthy as we can does not always make us less vulnerable. A brick falls on your head, you die. The earth shakes, the building that contains you falls, you die (lucky if you survive, but what luck is it to be in biting pain, seeing yourself amisdt the mess caused by the disaster, waiting for rescue that might or might not even arrive?). A gigantic meteor collides with this blue dot, we all die.

In psychological and emotional aspects too, we are as dandelions on a windy day. We all react to people and other organisms in a like manner as every piece of life on this earth, if we look at it from the inside out. Others’ negative actions and reactions are mostly encountered by our own negative ones (really simply thought of and put, I’m no master in psychology). According to a study, suicidal ideations are a result of mostly an interior and ably self-sabotaging effects of sadness and guilt and not expressive emotional responses of anger. In the same study, it was found that feelings of abandonment and alienation were related to suicidal provocations, while feeling insulted and criticised were not. We sometimes are incapable enough to swallow our pride but shaky enough to readily swallow poison.

Humans are superior beings in terms of intellect and environmental(both external and internal) awareness. We have witnessed marvellous technological advancements and it is perennial. The astounding functionality of the tiny organ i.e. the brain utilises each resource available to man in his immediate environment, and the displays of the magnificently enormous potentials of what the human mind can achieve and overcome drop every jaw that see them.

The rational thought processing abilities of humans have evolved a great deal and will continue at the same rate as far as new inventions and discoveries take place as a result of the genius of profound thinkers and versatile doers and even if selfishly, they have groomed their wisdom, manifested thought into physical reality in the most creative of ways. Wisdom gained is hardly lost again as it passes onto newer generations undergoing evolution and sometimes gives rise to huge ranges of vicissitudes. Change is a part of growth, we all are to move out of our bubbles anyway, intentionally or by force induced by testful situations. Changes brought about by adaptations, widening our horizons in almost every spectrum of thought and sense, have provided us with capabilities to look beyond what is immediate and move forward, marching on towards a better future, like some wise philosopher(I don’t quite remember his name) once said – “Human civilisation is a voyage, not a harbour.”.

I might be more inclined towards my survival instinct(if it is what I think it is) in my judgment and proclaim that I’d want to rule out the question of human extinction, that I have a lot of paperwork and articles on websites to show you what measures some guy on some island is taking to make human life easier, safer and more livable(?).

Sure, concerns against social issues, physical and mental wellness and tackling environmetal problems, the health of the planet we tread upon, skyrocket our beliefs against the idea of our physical and existential vulnerabilities, almost ruling out the question of human extinction. I tell you though, even I don’t feel good writing it, but the universe works in ways that we cannot wrap our heads around, one bad nuclear reaction in the Sun’s core and WHOOOOSH! There goes humanity.

Who says it can’t happen? By the time you finish your argument, you’re dust floating in empty space.

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  1. It is a human folly of not practising what they preach. I have always been in a dilemma on accepting myself the way I am and making myself better.This article brought me in a realisation that I have been vulnerable to myself as I fear people’s opinion ,killing myself before the actual death.

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