To Those who want to Quit | Fight your Demons

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You learnt at an early age that pain has a solution- pills. The white one for headache, the green plasticky one for an upset tummy, the red one for body strain.
One day, your "friends" offered you a blue one. "If it can take pain to normal, it can take normal to ecstasy." Well, logical enough for a hormone driven teenager.
I'd like to believe that you resisted, retaliated. But, ah well, you were just sixteen. Young foolish blood.
So you gave in. To medicine. Because it heals, doesn't it? and we're all hurting. Aren't we?
Let me tell you this - IT'S OKAY. It's okay that you gave in. We all do, somehow, someday, somewhere.
But now, it's choking you. With every drop of blood it expels out of your mouth, your body begs you to stop. Everytime your hand shivers, your body begs you to stop. Everytime you steal from your brother's wallet, your body begs you to stop.
LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. It loves you.
Every night, your mother weeps for a child she's slowly losing. Your father? He's afraid to even scold you. He thinks this is his fault, his shortcoming. Your sister fights against all the relatives who speak ill of you. Then she fights against her tears when she sees you intoxicated.
We all have our own addictions- yours comes wrapped in capsules and plastic files. Mine came wrapped in skin and bones. Both came with a promise to heal; to make everything better.
You know it is toxic, it's crippling you, it's killing you, not healing you.
Make a promise. To heal- your body, your relationships, your mind.
You are NOT a let-down, NOT a disgrace, NOT a disease, NOT a bad influence. You are a WARRIOR. Do what warriors do - FIGHT. Against temptation and pain. I know you will win. The good ones always do.

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