Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald | Book Review

4 min read Find book here:- Crimes of Grindelwald We all waited for 2 years for this. It felt like 20 years in Azkaban. The book in teal blue cover was released a week after the movie release. One can understand why Jk Row. decided to do so. Before diving into the end, let’s analyze Crimes of Grindelwald … Read moreFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald | Book Review

Macbeth VS Throne of Blood|Review

6 min read Macbeth is arguably one of Shakespeare’s most popular works and it has been adapted to screen numerous times, worldwide. One of the reasons for this could be the plot being heavily action-driven that usually does well in the market, however, it will be ignorant to think of it in only this way. Macbeth shows us … Read moreMacbeth VS Throne of Blood|Review

The Weight of Words

4 min read Language was created as the medium of communication. Language is complex. Communication is rare. When I was in elementary school, my language teacher made us memorize the definition of language as a means of communication. Different people have different languages to express their feelings and emotions. Language is of two forms, written and spoken.Grammar is … Read moreThe Weight of Words

The society’s Forbidden Love

2 min read Love, I believe is something we all desire. No matter how much we pretend, we all need a little bit of love. I also believe every religion teaches us to love one another. The sad thing is – we were born in a society that taught us that a man should love a woman and … Read moreThe society’s Forbidden Love

An Unforgettable Dream

4 min read I was only six when I first had a dream about an old man. In the dream, he was standing in front of the statue of Lord Hanuman located at Rhenock, my hometown. He was a really old man, possibly in his eighties, wearing a suit, leaning on a walkstick- the carved wooden kind which … Read moreAn Unforgettable Dream

The Perks of Being Colorblind

6 min read Colour Vision: Evolution and variation in the animal kingdom; and the evolutionary significance of Deuteranomaly in humans. -Abhibyanjana R. Thatal In a bullfight, a bull is released in an arena where a matador is seen standing waving a red cloth that the bull charges on. A common misconception in this bullfight is that the bulls … Read moreThe Perks of Being Colorblind