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The Weight of Words

Language was created as the medium of communication. Language is complex. Communication is rare. When I was in elementary school, my language teacher made us memorize the definition of language as a means of communication. Different people have different languages to express their feelings and emotions. Language is of two forms, written and spoken.Grammar is that ingredient that purifies language, spoken and written.

As it is often said, God created world with word that is widely accepted in Hinduism and Christianity where “Aum” and “Let there be light” have been quoted over a century in classical literature.

Language, forms a different yet beautiful meaning when words are involved. Poets and Sonneteers are to be blamed for such lavish usage of words.

Before the intervention of modern invention and the boon of technologies. Men wooed women with words.

Ah! Those glorious days.

Words held different repute back then. Promises were not merely words.

“Speech is Silver, Silence is Gold” is known to be one of the overused quotations but Proverb 25:11 says, “The right word at the right time is like precious gold set in silver.”

I tell my kids to speak in English and to speak often to improve the fluency of their language.

One day I caught a student speaking in vernacular language and encouraged her to speak in English. She shyly responded, that her friends made fun of her whenever she tried to speak because of her rustic pronunciation (she is a foreign student and has heavy MTI). I was sorry for her but made her realise that by not speaking she was in much danger.

Like mathematics, language is all about practice and bound to it, one shouldn’t free oneself from speaking. I told her to make as many mistakes as possible so that she can move past them. Let’s face it, we are the product of all these mistakes.

I could relate and recall an incident that occurred in my village. One of my friend was emotionally and physically abused because she wouldnt speak.

She was so scared she didn’t make a sound when tears rolled down her cheeks.

She grew up to be a quiet peace loving child. She avoided social gatherings and dreaded public speaking. She couldn’t make eye contact and was nervous when someone stared at her.

Her uncle was our tutor. He had a bad temper. I was a clever little girl. She was a docile creature who couldn’t mutter a word when she was terrified.

Later in life, she developed a habit of stuttering and stammering which further grew into an sporadic lisp, it was because of her constant negligence for spoken words.

The weight of the words on the lips is not as heavy as it is in the heart of Humans.

I prefer not to speak rashly with strangers and I avoid being dragged into it. But I too suffered humiliation while working as a sales person in a tea boutique.

One day a Lady asked me “If I knew English”

I wanted to tell her, “Better than you Ma’am” but again that would have cost me my job.

I simply smiled and bit my tongue and nodded a yes. I, however, was enlightened by the secret of the universe and the ways of society. The subtle art of keeping ones mouth shut and also that the amount of respect you receive is directly proportional to your job.

Words, my dear readers I tell you, these are balm and a sword.

My sister out of the blue decided to call herself beautiful in front of the dressing mirror. To be truthful, she was an ordinary girl of thirteen with blunt hair and ugly nose. She was at the threshold of teenage years, an age when puberty is about to slap you with pimples and PMS cramps.

We all made fun of her vanity but she was reluctant not to be swayed by non believers like us.

She remained firm on her faith to feel and call herself beautiful.
As it is written, Romans 10:17,
“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”
Over the years, many incident occurred where she was body shammed, was called names and cyber bullied by envious lot.

And Boy! I tell you she looks as stunning as the Kohinoor in the crown of the Queen of England.

I asked her once how she felt when people called her vain and bullied her for her looks. She answered quiet wittily saying that

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”
She also added, that as a lady, it is confidence that’s beautiful rather than physical appearance. Also that, a dress can be ugly until Rihanna decides it’s not.
Well, that’s Word!

Another such example is of my hypochondriac neighbor who thought she was sick. We tried to convince her that she wasn’t. We decided to check with a doctor who affirmed with me that she was indeed a hypochondriac and gave her placebo.

She blamed the doctor. It turned out she was sick, not physically. The point here is, she would often speak words like ” I am always sick”, “my head aches” “I am never going to recover”.

She filled herself with words which worsen her condition. Of course, it sounds stupid to believe oneself healed when one is dying of a chronic disease. On the contrary, I know many individuals who were healed by surrounding themselves with positive energiy and positive words.

This is a controversial topic but undeniably true.

The weight of words is not a burden but a responsibility given to mankind for being the first kind to use words to communicate, to understand, and to heal.

It is surely magical, like a super power given to humankind that sadly only few know how to use.

Everytime you share, you care :)

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