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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald | Book Review

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We all waited for 2 years for this. It felt like 20 years in Azkaban.

The book in teal blue cover was released a week after the movie release. One can understand why Jk Row. decided to do so. Before diving into the end, let’s analyze Crimes of Grindelwald thoroughly.

To be truthful about the second installment of Fantastic Beasts, this isn’t about a boy who survived or a school of magic with wands and spells. This isn’t about the lovable magizologist or his bizarre creatures that Rowling has been feeding us one book at a time.

This is about the first wizarding war that plagued the magical realm decades before the rising of The Dark Lord. This is about the inception, the cruelty of the pure blood supremacist and the strong message Rowling tries to convey in these pages.

In the beginning of the story nothing much has occurred except Johnny Depp’s hair length which a NY times journalist Dargis playfully describes “an evil wizard who looks like he’s been dipped in flour”.

“For the greater good”, Grindelwald’s words echoes. This isn’t about the great albino wizard Grindelwald but as Jk Rowling confirmed in her latest interview, it’s about Albus Dumbledore.
When we finish the movie and the book, we question ourselves, did we really know Dumbledore?
In Rita Skeeter’s famous Biography
“The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore” we get a hazy view of the family history. Dumbledore’s sick sister Ariana whom everyone assumed to be a Squib (a descendant from magic blood born without magic) until 2016 was killed in 1899. We all know how Aberforth broke Albus Dumbledore’s nose at the funeral.
It was all because Albus was smitten in love with Gellert Grindelwald and they both had an unhealthy obsession with the deathly hallows.
Why do I feel Grindelwald’s friendship was a planned phenomenon? What is it in Dumbledore’s family (apart from a phoenix) that Grindelwald’s wants?
Tragedy strikes, friends become strangers. As foretold, Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald in the First Wizarding War. He was thus locked up in Nurmensgard Castle until our very own Voldy finished him off.
If you think HP books are dark, FB is vantablack.
We aren’t going to Hogwarts and learning spellls. We are fighting against an evil manipulator who is so powerful with his words he can manipulate a skilled legilimens like Queenie Goldstein.
It feels like Rowling grew up with the readers who started their journey from 1997’s Philosopher’s stone, where the only scary thing was getting a detention at Forbidden forest.
#Lestrangefamily is a strange family.
Tycho dodonus prophecy points towards the Corvus Lestrange whom Leta witnesses drowning in the sea.
Now, is Leta dead dead or Credence-Barebone-dead?
#Queenie and Jacob Kowalski
Why do I feel like Queenie is going to die and Jacob is going to name his son or grandson Quentin Kowalski who later on becomes a famous quidditch player(goblet of fire)?
#Nagini and Credence/Aurelius
It is a shame that Nagini shares only few pages and a limited amount on the screen that too, the CGI snake takes half of her screen time. Let’s not be impatient because Rowling’s talent lies in hiding details and with due time she will uncover the origin and fate of Nagini.

As for now, Nagini, a maledictus is that part of a story which can twist the way we have been viewing about the last horcrux of Lord Voldemort.
Perhaps Nagini has a soft spot for wandering evil boys. As a matter of fact she is a woman, and a woman’s tendency to fall for fuckboys is pretty high.

As for Credence aka Corvus aka Aurelius, I was rooting for him to be a Lestrange and bear offsprings like Randalf and Rudolph Lestrange. My doubt had proof too when Abernathy unfiltered French ministry with Rosier. (Abernathy sounds familiar)
It was only when at the end, when a chick flies off to take a form of a phoenix, dyam thats Fawkes.
I cussed so bad when that happened, that one of the men sitting next to me snorted nervously.
How could that be?
1890- Percival Dumbledore(father) sentenced to Azkaban
1899- Kendra dies(mother)
1899-1927= 28 years
Also Credence’s birth year is 1901.
Unless he is Ariana’s son but that would make him Albus’ nephew. That disrupts the Tycho Dodonus prophecy.
A son cruelly banished
Despair of the daughter
Return, great avenger
With wings from the water.

Perhaps he is Corvus with Ariana’s obscurus.
McGonagall in 1927! Merlin’s Beard! She was born in 1935! Time Turner!!
We also came across Travers, Krafft, Carrow, Macduff. If that sounds familiar, these are the family names of the faithful fillowers who after the doom of Grindelwald becomes a death eater and it is funny to see Ministry’s distrust towards Dumbledore, particularly the President.
We see Mclaggen too, if I am correct he is related to Cormac McClaggan who had a stupid crush on Hermione back in Half blood Prince and was her date at slug party.

Rowling’s Fantastic Beast Crime of Grindelwald is a tale of insurgencies that takes place with a smouldering fire alighted by Grindelwald himself. The real motif remain hidden, Rowling tries to draw parallel between Adolf Hitler and Gellert Grindelwald as we all know both the Great Wars ended in 1945.
Fantastic Beast’s anti-hero Grindelwald makes Voldemort look like a naive villain. Grindelwald is darker and tempting. He doesn’t rule with terror, he wants to rule hearts and corrupts them.
He’s obsession for pure blood supremacy is another facade. His motive is something else. We are about to witness something greater, something vast which Rowling has stored for two decades. Of which, I am absolutely convinced that we aren’t prepared for.

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