Life has treated us well

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Although, we’ve had our own bunch of insecurities and inferiorities creeping in from our cerebrum,
Although life has seldom dragged us inside dungeons of what our minds tell us look like hell;

Life has and continues to provide us with our own special set of “ups and downs”, only later to be fondly remembered as memories.

But we, being the humans that we are, never fail to maximise our minutest problems and instead certainly succeed on missing out on the beauty of the little things life offers daily.

We aim for eternal happiness and I ask you what that term even means?
You have happiness and your consistent ‘highs’, and you ‘will’ have happiness if you work and suffer and just let that term be.

Everything that we need has always been right there in front of our eyes, yet we wish for more and more and more!

But I must tell you that in this plethora of convictions, we are too tiny for this conversation,
rather too tiny for the world.
All of us simply being “no ones” and “nothing at alls”, yet living to grant ourselves a grandeur of excessive emotional attention only to satisfy our unnecessary thirst for well, everything.
But remember, all of this victim hood chic will not ever get you anywhere ( oops )

We are specks of ridiculousness (and so am I)  and hard core believers that one move of ours will add gigantic dynamism in the universe.  
We’ve been giving ourselves and people around us too much credit for being souls who believe that the world revolves around them.

We focus too much of our energy on topics that won’t even matter in the days to come.
Ungratefully stupid with excuses stating that we are “humans after all”.

But at the end of every sunset and sunrise, we still have been fortunate enough with abundance of chances life provides us with.
Still fortunate to have a family and a friend.
Still being fortunate to be given a new day,  a new beginning and a home.
Fortunate to learn the art of making memories and to simply, learn.

Lastly, we are and will always be fortunate to have lived.

Life has come a long way and maybe you have too.
Life has treated us well enough. It will and has bent us at utmost levels only to make us rationally confident individuals that we are today.

Life has treated us well, and sometimes we forget that simple revelation way too often.

Your thoughts?