Dear Conscience

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[Meant for all the people in the world reminding them never to give up.]

Dear Conscience, 
Valerie does it everyday. 
She cries and weeps
And goes astray.

“Just a hard time”, she says
She was going through
But all of us us knew
That this was not very true.

She had problems unknown
Fighting demons of her own. 
Everyday was like a living hell
But no one at all to tell.

No one to share her problems with, 
No one who’d understand. 
All nodded as if it were a myth, 
No one who’d give a helping hand.

Everyday passed slowly, 
And time stood still. 
For her the road was unfortunately uphill.

She didn’t care about people 
but cared about their reviews, 
She thought the world was evil
with no answers and a lot of Q’s.

“There always are ups and downs in life”, her mother had once said to her. 
But those words didn’t mean a thing now. 
Standing there alone, 
She could take no more of it all, 
She went away on her own,
Couldn’t understand her sudden fall.

She worked everyday
But was scared for she didn’t know how to make things go her way,
She didn’t know what was wrong and right, 
And her demons? — that’s what she didn’t know how to fight.

She could take no more 
Of all of her hardships 
And eventually she tore
Letting out a huge sigh from her lips.

She jumped, Conscience 
She gave up and away from the world she hid
She thought no one understood, Conscience
While some people perfectly did.

I know it must have been hard, but letting go is never the answer.

Conscience, she didn’t believe in life anymore and maybe life also didn’t give her a chance to.

She should have learnt to stay strong and learnt to hold on. 
She should have given time to all that was wrong
And eventually, she would have won.

But what’s done is done. 
The “could” and “should have’s” can wait

I hope wherever she is, 
She’s learnt a lot, 
Learnt to stay strong and never to give up again.

So, Dear conscience, 
Valerie does it every day 
She cried and weeps
And goes astray. 
And I hope there are people/ you
Who can help her with that.

Your thoughts?