The Scars We Hold

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Every laugh she holds back curtails her glory. She is a queen inside her cage,

Every scar on her body has a story, 

 away from all the anger and rage.

Alone- that’s where she stands

On that podium of loneliness higher than anyone else.

Without giving any consideration to those hands who lashed her, perchance. 
She is a warrior of daytime and a fighter of the night. 

She is like the boundless ocean that never runs out of sight. 

She is strong, and stronger than her might. 

She resembles the obscurity that banishes the light. 

She chooses to stay away from people. 

She knows they can be lethal. 
She may be wrong to hum that song. 

But she can be right to perceive things within her sight. 

Do you think she’s lonely? Yes she is. 

Away from all the excitement and glee but she chooses to flee into her wonderland filled with positivity.

She may look cold and fleeting but she’s alive and is fairly breathing.

She is strong and she feels. 

She has innumerable scars but she chooses to heal.

She represents the ladies and the lifetime of stories that we can tell with all of the scars on our bodies.

 She is aware and is careful but looks forward to what life is yet to unfold. 

She may look dull but is highly unpredictable. 

In conclusion, she is human. 

She is you, me and all of us, if that is who we wish to be. 

Your thoughts?