Humanity Shall Prevail – Are you willing to play a part in the advent of a massive revolution?

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The nature of human existence, not just existence of all life in general, (notice that I deliberately and in whole presence of my mind put the word human there,) comes with a huge responsibility of one’s own thoughts or actions, unlike most other living beings, who follow a predetermined biological path of life.

Being the only form of life(as far as study suggests) that can think its own thoughts and  even ponder over them, for the entity called the mind has an appearance of fluidity in observation of itself and sometimes leads to breakthroughs in one’s own psyche, and the physical being of the one is more than capale of manifesting those breakthroughs with help from the unseen entity of his mind onto the material world, tangible, constructible, destructible and sometimes  even destructive.

History has witnessed countless catastrophic events, which I think are results of naive and faulty thought patterns in people who had so much luck by their side that their stupidity was invincible to the party that elected them as leaders, or were simply heirs to their fathers’ thrones. Still, in some parts of the world, war continues, that never ending lust for power; if given profound thought can plunge you into a crisis.

Many great philosophers from the past stated time and time again that love is the highest form of virtue, yet school shootings and suicide bombings still prevail. Will we ever know for sure where the roots of all evil in the world lies?

Yes, Buddha once said that desire is the root of all evil. A question strikes me to the core – what motive backs desire for bloodshed?

Through millions of years of evolution, we humans have become self-aware, highly capable beings. Many leaders passed by us, preaching words about humanity and philanthropy. America, considered a hub of astounding achievements and the birthplace of groundbreaking technological marvels has tough luck selecting the correct leaders for themselves who unfortunately lust for money more than they care about their people. To this day, bombshells drop in parts of the middle-east claiming ownership of valuable resources, which actually belong to the poor victims of genocide.

Russian spies are found and hanged in the US (yes, in the modern world), American spies are tortured to death in the Soviet. We, the public elect leaders so they can be leaders, not so they become commanders of the army, putting lives at stake and cloaking themselves behind innocent camo uniforms.

Why does military even exist in the modern world? Are people, Homo sapiens sapiens, our very own species that big a threat to us? Why is a buttload of money thrown away funding research on fighter pilots and nuclear weapons? Couldn’t that resource, the biggest resource i.e. currency, be put into better use instead of serving politicians’ egotistical needs?

When I first started writing, I didn’t intend for this article to be so full of questions but I’m the same as you, perplexed, full of questions about whether humanity exists in the modern world or if it  now takes form of a distant dream.

After sending probes into deep space and making a car orbit our planet, with the world in our palms,with almost no barriers in communication among a vast range of communities, I personally think it is time to take a leap towards humanity. Blow a whistle and open up our minds. The future is in the hands of the youth, the leaders-to be who will have the power to restore faith in humanity, peace and empathy.

I hope the message I want to deliver through this rant of mine reaches out to every young individual who feels like a failure, feels like he’s a burden on the face of the earth and thinks he’s not making much difference in his world.

Give it a thought. The odds of being born as a human are tinier than you could ever imagine, so let’s forget the numbers. You are powerful because you are human.

You are a leader, a free thinker and your mind is the ultimate powerhouse in the universe around and in you, stronger than any entity that trods upon  this land. You have knowledge of bizarre historical events, riots, episodes of chaos which lasted not months, but years. I suppose you too have become a victim of the consequences of baffling decisions made by people who are supposed to be leaders of your countries or states, who actually are only a bunch of stupid old morons.

You will make amends. You will restore faith in humanity.

Share this article to someone you think needs to read it. Together, let’s be a voice of goodwill and strength. Let’s roar, and let’s make these roars be heard, intimidating and loud so that every child that sleeps on the road finds a home and  every mother in doubt if her son will return to her from the battlefield gets to see him again.

Come on tiger, let’s make a change.

Your thoughts?