The Good Girl

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The good girl,

She settles.

Like all the letters to an unrequited Love hidden in the box of non reciprocation.

Her detailed expectations of a Prince Charming

deluded by the cloudy vision of time.

Time runs out,

So the good girl settles.

In visages of adventurous past lovers.

In mirages of happy ever afters.

She’ll settle despite the glances you steal at the girl next door.

She’ll settle despite the smile that the stench of nostalgia of a bygone lover brings to you .

With every dying flower and promise and conversation, She’ll settle.

Never let a good girl go, they say.

When the tides turn rough, She’ll be the one to pull her tresses up to ward off the brewing storms.

Tight-lipped and calm, the good girl stands up tall to smoothen out the sails of a chauvinist ship.

For sunnier days, for better voyages.

She’ll be the Holy trinity between the heart and the stomach.

The one that’ll make you want to anchor down and watch the waves eat up the sun.

The one that’ll make you believe in true love.

The good girl will reflect your mother in the fire of her eyes.

The warmth will take you home but its passion will scare you at times.

But good girls never finish last.

Good girls finish midway.

Half eaten between plastic smiles and polite nods.

Half rotten between stifles and sacrifice.

She fades away like the blood on her cheek does

As she falls silent over

yet another text message ignored,

yet another reason for barging home at 2 am.

yet another finger raised over a question that couldn’t be.

Silent like all the sighs she stopped letting out, She’ll settle.

She’ll settle into the insecurities of non appreciation and monotony.

She’ll settle for the fear that maybe Prince Charming isn’t real.

She’ll settle because the world will tell her to.

She’ll settle because no one wants to eat their meals alone.

But she does. And yet she settles.

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