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You’re a Masterpiece of Evolution

Let your mind be free of prejudice for next 3 – 4 mins. For once forget the ability to differentiate between the ugly and the beautiful, good and bad, sad and happy, disgusting and soothing. Imagine your mind to be like the sky. Forget the colours and forget that you want success or need a job. Let your moral compass loose and rest for a while. 

Look at yourself from the top as you assume a formless floating consciousness. (FOR ONCE BE CONVINCED YOU’VE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE LONG BEFORE YOU CAN REMEMBER)

Now look at other people. Visualise them as no different from your own body:-restricted in many ways. Dissolve the perception of variety of skin, physique, gender and sexuality(lust; let it turn into your own subtle art).

Think of someone you hate from the bottom of your heart. Make yourself unable to hate or love anymore. Realize that your love doesn’t matter and nor does your hate, they simply don’t matter.

You never knew how to hate, you don’t know how to love. You are confused about everything and just because you are confused is not a reason for the will to truth.

So, for once try to rest with all the unknown and try to know very less.

Imagine when you were a foetus inside your mother’s womb; rudimentary senses, no urges, oblivious of joy and unaware of despair.

For once convince yourself that it’s easy to live. Your consciousness wants to rest in your body, so, let it rest.

What is it to be you? What are the things that make you who you are? What are the things which if stripped off of you, will leave you undone?

To answer this, let us assume everything that makes you who you are is now lost and you are left with the basic understanding of “humanity” and “morality”.

Now, your pain is as lost as you are and with it also your preferences over love and everything that matters.

You are not happy but also not unhappy or sad, for once you do not have to “be”.
What came upon this sky like nature of mind? Made prejudice ways of its own?

Now it’s easier to comprehend the causation of your happiness and suffering, and it’s only a mundane process of perception and its manifestation in different ways.

Now, come back into your body, scan your physical being from head to toe, limb from limb. What impression has the immediate physical reality made upon your consciousness, which is pure and free? Maybe not an awesome one.

But why does it prick? You’re an eagle soaring across the sky. 

Look at your scars, the scars on your body and your mind, do you really think they’re as deep as they look? Think about it and drop a comment if you like.

Some people talk in ways which theorise the mind to be independent of the body, that thoughts matter more than actions do, that ideas make more sense than legacies.

Keep in mind that your consciousness and your body have a bond of the most exceptional idea of existence, if we assume that the realm of the mind exists on a more abstract plane than the body does, and the bond acts like a portal, a wormhole, if you will. Joining two very very very distant parts of the universe. A possibly flawed, contradictory paragraph, but with fascinating ideas, don’t you think? Thanks.

Contemplate about how exceptional your existence is, even if you come up with half-backed theories, they’re special because they’re messages from a source unknown, barely explored and supreme.

You’re a masterpiece of evolution.

So, let go of your stresses, embrace your pain and fight them with flair. You are more than capable to turn your problems into better problems, problems that you enjoy solving and hence, enjoy living each day of your life with adequate gratification, because those problems only exist in one realm of your existence.

You exist in more than one. Maybe three. Or maybe even a billion. Take it easy. Drink knowledge in. Reflect. Grow wiser.

A possibility of your existence in a billion universes is not unimaginable. And sometimes, imagination gives more happiness than our immediate reality ever does. But none of them matter in the long term. The big picture always has something else planned for you. You will stumble upon new knowledge every single day, and grow a tad wiser with every idea you have. 

Live like a bird piercing its way across a grand desert sky. Take it easy. Flap ’em wings if you tend to descend in flight. 

Give it a try.


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