Every colour merged into just five

3 min read “The world around me shifted the moment I took the road to the right, the one that led up to Kalimpong and then to Sikkim.” It was getting darker, oranges and violets of the sky merging together; waters of Teesta turning into similar hues. During the ascend up to the town, the violets slipped into … Read moreEvery colour merged into just five

Luthor TheProphet: The Adventures of Martin Sada

3 min read “Dear Martin, I write to you, it’s been beautiful to be a part of you, I’m grateful. Thank you.” “I have been named Martin and I named myself Luthor/ Prophet not  because that’s who I am, but who I yearn to be.” From the small and beautiful town of Kalimpong, we’ve had many musical talents … Read moreLuthor TheProphet: The Adventures of Martin Sada

Is it Bright Enough? | Based on Gorkhaland Agitation of 1986 (FICTION)

6 min read This work of fiction is based on the 1986 Gorkhaland Agitation led by the Gorkhaland National Democratic Front (GNLF) Supremo, The Mahamahim, The Raja of the Hills, Late Mr. Subhas Ghising in the enchanting land of thunderbolts, Dorje-ling or as we like to call in now, Darjeeling. The agitation took a violent turn in the mid ’86. This short story finds its setting in such a background of a local tea estate of the name Tukvar which constituted a fundamental population of GNLF supporters during this agitation,

Brief Nuances on Nihilism

< 1 min read How is a man to continue living when he realizes that he is nothing?