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Luthor TheProphet: The Adventures of Martin Sada

“Dear Martin, I write to you, it’s been beautiful to be a part of you, I’m grateful. Thank you.”

“I have been named Martin and I named myself Luthor/ Prophet not  because that’s who I am, but who I yearn to be.”

From the small and beautiful town of Kalimpong, we’ve had many musical talents come up in the recent years. Many bands and singers hailing from this town have shot to fame in the local, as well as, national music scene. One such artiste from Kalimpong is Martin Sada aka Luthor TheProphet.

Martin is a rapper, poet, songwriter and a singer, who took music professionally at the tender age of 15 and has been in the studio business of production, recording and promotion, ever since. He has a different approach towards music. In this generation of Electronic Dance Music and songs about absolutely nothing, Luthor raps about issues questioning the society.
Martin completed his schooling from GD Goenka Public School, Silliguri. Growing up, he was different and he considered himself a misfit in the society. At a very young age, he was drawn towards music, particularly Hip-Hop and started writing songs much before he hit the studio.

“Music to me is a path to my purpose as a human , I believe it is what gives my existence a reason and a purpose and that I’d like to call my philosophy.

I carry it as a power to change the world, to make a difference.”

On speaking with Redendron, he talked about his struggles as an artiste and his vision of bringing a revolution through his songs.

Red: What drives you to write a song?

Luthor: I feel like everything around is a song. In my mind, I’m always writing a song, I feel like there is always some voice in me that’s singing; there are some songs that i jot down, some i don’t. I used to have a tight schedule before, maybe you can call it a struggle but, I made myself write one song everyday for 2 years. Sometimes it even went up to 3-4  songs a day, it was all love and it still is. I wanted to keep record but lost it after 833 songs back in 2017.

Red: What are the struggles you’ve faced along your journey?

Luthor: To talk about struggles, there are a lot, but, the most evident one is not just about me but of everyone from where I am, that is the fact that our dreams are an impossible hill across a huge river. While to the other culture, such as the West, they have a bridge over the river and in that bridge there are other hurdles. However, for us, we have to build the bridge first and then walk on it passing through the hurdles. For me, I feel like I’m about to get it done with the bridge and i hope to do it for my entire people otherwise there is no reason for my music, right? But, yes, I’ve built my bridge through many struggles that I’ve put in all my songs, especially, Dear Martin, the album, you’ll need to listen to that . But, there is more to come and I’m happy that there is. I’m in love with this process of becoming myself. I am but my journey , after all.

Red: What is your EP, Homejayega, about?

Luthor: Homejayega was inspired by the current situation among the youth in the hills, I feel that, in the name of development, our upcoming generation are losing their childhood. Kids have been influenced by the wrong side of the western culture and narcotics at a very young age(8-9 years of age).
Growing up, everyone is influenced by this culture of the so called being gangsters, talking about breaking rules and doing bigger drugs. So, the whole song is based on the fact/question of where did we lose our childhood which is metaphorically represented by Homejayega, because Homejayega, at our place, is the spirit of childhood.

Red: How did you come up with the song Healing(Changai)?

Luthor: Healing(Changai) was produced by Abhishek and his magic strings who blessed us with his voice. I wrote this song back in 2018 (Abhishek helped me with the Nepali lyrics) when a situation forced me to go through phases and I remember then how my music helped me through it. I decided to do something, I kept my e-mail open to anyone who was going through difficult phases and the response I got was shocking. I received a lot of e-mails and stories hard to comprehend in words. There were so many people close to me who shared their stories with me, of the things they were going through which they could not show to the world and this moved me and i wanted to give out something, not for them, but with their stories because, to me, it was a daring act – to have survived through.
Maybe, that’s why I do not call this my song but their song- people who are/have gone through such phases.

Martin is an inspiration for all. With his prolific songwriting and rapping skills, we, at Redendron, wish him a bright and a happy future ahead.
Keep singing, Martin!

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  1. All love and wishes for Luthor’s message to touch the crowd that needs the most of his words and those who want more of his words.

  2. All love and wishes for Luthor’s right message to spread amongst the crowd that needs the most of his words and all who want.

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