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Tinder – Your Digital Wingman.

Tinder has become the novocaine of the millennials who are looking for a “hook-up”.

As Tinder turns 6, it has made huge strides in the online dating community by almost becoming a synonym to online dating. The millennials have gulped on the new trend as they did on every other trend that has come out in the last 5 years. According to an article on BBC, Tinder had 57 million monthly active users in 2017. That is more than 3 times than that of badoo ( another social media platform).

We, as a generation are hooked to the addiction of the century; online validation from people who we don’t know in real life. And Tinder feeds right into our huge appetite for online glory. There was a time when we actually went out and met new people during social events but times have changed. Our devices have become smarter and we have become dependent on our devices, now more than ever. When was the last time you called the pizza place to place your order instead of ordering it through the app? We like the anonymity and social detachment. Yet, we crave love and attention. That’s where apps like Tinder come in. They give us the anonymity and the distance all the while feeding our hunger for acceptance and unlike Facebook, it gives us a clear agenda: “scoring”. You open up Tinder with a clear sense of purpose, but do we even know who’s on the other end of the app? The girl with the cute smile could be a catfish situation or god-forbid, the work of a Snapchat filter.

India, as a nation has just started their online adventures ( thanks to JIO ) and the fact that it has the second highest population in the world makes it Asia’s top market for Tinder with over 7.5 million daily swipes and most messages per match globally according to a spokesperson for Tinder in an interview with Quartz back in 2015. The numbers have only increased in 2019 at an exponential rate. With some arguing that apps like Trulymadly (a homegrown dating app) and Tinder have negative effects on the “Indian culture”. It doesn’t seem to be stopping youngsters from swiping right. These apps even provide a paid subscription feature with a total of 4.1 million paid users in December 2018 which ultimately allows users to get better matches. There is no lack of variety either with LGBTQ+ dating apps like Scissr and Grindr with their hat in the game but owing the fact that homosexuality is still a taboo in India despite it being 2019, these apps haven’t made it as big as Tinder. Sometimes, even being on Tinder is treated as a taboo but dating and love have been prevalent for ages now. We are a country of almost 1.4 billion and pertaining to the fact that almost all our movies are made to glorify love and romance, trying to find love online is deemed to be belittling the “cultural heritage”.

Online dating comes with its fair share of cons too. First of all, you will be swiping right mostly based on the looks of the individual and a snarky bio underneath it (which is nothing but ‘judging a book by it’s cover’). On the off chance that you didn’t punch above your weight class and get matched, most people are only there for validation and the conversations will rarely lead to a date. If it leads to a date, there’s still a chance that they aren’t who they seem in the photos you swiped right on (filters). AWKWARD! The point is online dating is a hit and miss. Ever heard of choice overload? It’s a phenomenon where people who are given a lot of plausible choices end up not choosing any or stepping into a conundrum and have difficulty in choosing. The issue with the services that you use for free is that YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. But that is a whole other topic for another time.

Tinder has replaced the middleman in the dating cycle and aims to make it easier for us to find love. It has replaced your wingman. Instead of a friend helping you meet new potential dates, an AI helps you with it. Plus if you pay for the premium services, your digital wingman works extra hard to secure you a date.

P.S. The logo of Tinder is a flame because we get “matches”.

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