Dumb Maturity

I was innocent when I was born. There were times when I didn’t know about rape, child abuse, racism and other social evils.
I simply didn’t hate anyone or rather I didn’t even know how to hate.
There is an unusual calmness that we take for an understanding when we are deluded by the motliness of the worldly characteristics that we are subjected to. Every once in awhile we all feel intense hatred towards everything that we see, subliminally trying to grasp the concept of our
fated misery, which we believe is a part of growing up.
Growing up and maturity closely portrays the picture of age being just a number. Everyone grows up eventually, as in just adding years to their age, but maturity brings about the essential behavior that stabilizes our places in society and anchors us to our purged ego which is definitive to our personalities.
To sustain ourselves in the society we grasp on to the conventions and play according to a delusional or rather vague set of rules.
By the virtue of our intelligence judging everything before our eyes knowingly or unknowingly is a basic human characteristic aiding to our relentless hunt for a complex form of power. But as it
is, the concept being very complex with different forms of representation, it’s hard to state a perfect maneuver for something where we can juxtapose every consequences of an action as we demand. Therefore a sense of failure is more than common.
Innately, we always want dominance be it within our friends or family but imposing it or being too vocal about it is a weaker strategy so we settle for partial dominance or create weaker relations by being too submissive or dominant. An innate understanding of maintaining this partial dominance along with our well defined ego is looked upon as maturity, maybe.
Let’s say trying to establish partial dominance to be well regarded in society is too savage an idea, well, people who still live with good faith would call it mutual respect.
We all have tasted every emotion be it in one form or another and not being broken or refusing to yield to the negativity of emotions are the rungs that we simultaneously climb while on pursuit to success, success being a subtle representation of power.
While grooving along with the world maturity is inevitably induced and on the path to maturity we distinguish ourselves with our own set of philosophies on life.
Maturity is much synonymous to perfection, which is in its absolute sense; Ideal, but anyway for the sense it needs to make while it’s usage in conversations; it’s a careful perception and retrospection of social and personal undertakings and behaving likewise in order to maximize your vitality as a person.
Maturity is very prejudiced when we see people living off of their YouTube channels or being 32 and trying to start a band.
As a child we were slaves to our impulses that’s when life was endlessly wonderful, unaware of anxiety that an excess of knowledge brings about, now we are consciously reasoning everything and acting according to a plan that will give better returns in future.
Our minds are more complex than we could ever imagine it to be. Happiness and sadness are two opposites where the absence of one does not conform to the existence of other similarly
maturity does not confirm the absence of childishness. Pure joy is so childish that it makes us look stupid but we certainly wouldn’t want to trade it for anything.

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