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In the pitfalls and ups of life and relations                                                                 I have seen friends try to run for greatness
And fall in the pits of hypocrisy.

I have seen friends nagging for want of attention
And fall in the pits of self obsessiveness.

I have seen friends remembering me in their need
And fall in the pits of selfishness.

I have seen friends who claim to understand
And fall in the pits of prejudice.

I have seen friends struggle and work hard
And fall in the pits of pride and ego

I have seen friends who cling on to me
And fall onto a pit buried under their own weight

I have seen friends who keep no expectations for the untangled bond of boundless faith
And rise upon hills of selfless friendship.

With ungrateful humility I admit my distaste for the pits
For as I stare down through each pit I get horrified
Seeing the past me staring up from each of them pits,
And in that moment I tend to slip on to another pit.

I cannot sell my borrowed wisdom
The same way souls cannot borrow unsold attitude.
Throw stones at me from the pits.
It will hurt me, but it will not pull me down again.
From a parade of words in a messed up order
I lend you the sparkle of thought to ignite yourself up.
I invite you to leave your ego, prejudice, ignorance and fear.
As they will be but useless weights on the climb to the top of that graceful hill.
And with that fragile yet protected string of friendship we may climb upwards together.
About my whereabouts you may ask of me.

With fear of falling, I stand as of now,
One toe down in the pit
One feet on top of the hill.

Your thoughts?