The Broken Chair to The Coffee Mug - REDENDRON The Art of Art - Pareekshit Dahal

The Broken Chair to The Coffee Mug

Do you know me?
I’m that guy with no teeth and a vague smile, who always lies in front of you.
Can you see me?
I mean, one-tenth of me is quite visible to you from up there,
I wanna say something today…
Umm, to you!
See I ain’t got abs, I have a big fat belly
Bulging put a plane for him to sit.
Aa-a-a I wanna say……
That you look damn pretty, on that plain white dress of yours,
The one with the print of the Paris which you wear.
You look beautiful.
Whenever he holds and brings you towards my side,

I go mad. You look like the full moon in the night sky, illuminating my heart.
I don’t Have hands,
But I want to touch you, hold you,
Feel your every line, your curves and your edges.
I want to hug you, connect the soul from my woody brown with that of your serene white body.
All day, all night.
I know I’m tough, I know you’re brittle
I know we’re inanimate,
But if we make it, our love will be immortal.
We can break the boundary between living and non living.

Whenever he kisses you in the morning and in the night,
I feel burnt internally.
So, I have developed spines on my laps, I poke him and pinch him everytime he does that.
I mean… Who the hell is he????
Today I forced him for a cushion.
He calls me a trash nowadays, but it’s okay.
Let him call, I know I’m right.
And I want you to know as well,
I-I-I… I love youhh..
So, fall on me baby
I’ll never be harsh on you.
If I do, just pour hot coffee on my lap
And I will pinch him for an extra layer of cushion on me, whatever it takes.
Fall on me baby,
And I’ll never let you break.

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4 thoughts on “The Broken Chair to The Coffee Mug”

  1. Wow This poem has full of emotions,Now Maybe Mine one loves me too🤣👍mine one is female I guess👍…And the way this poem starts and ends ,really !great Sir I enjoyed it reading.I hope to see more and more poems soon.

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