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Do you love Japan? | The Otaku Culture in North-East India

The Oriental world is an amalgam of great cultures and civilization. Indian markets may be filled with Chinese goods and gadgets but we cannot cast a blind eye to the magnitude of Japanese influence among the North-East Indian teenagers and youth.

Nippon, the land of the rising sun is a stratovolcanic archipelago consisting of about 6,852 islands, stretched wide on the Pacific.

Japan is a much talked about topic among teenagers and millennials, who religiously follow the growing craze of Haifu YouTuber Joji a.k.a. FilthyFrank or one can count the number of anime series for the justification of the popularity of the country.

Japan owes a great deal to its anime culture. The Saiyans, Uchihas, Pirates and the Shinigamis have mesmerized generations after generations. We all love Ghibli’s collection of Miyazaki.

In literature, we have seen the sudden shift of Tanka and Haiku.

The flow of lyrical poetry casts a spell in its individual essence; in minimal lines, we are bombarded with emotions.

We swear by the collection of books on our shelves of which are decent translations carefully picked out of Japanese logographic Kanji that serves us a window to this elfin ancient culture.

We quote, unquote Murakami’s surrealistic lines, we breathe through his lucid imagery. We are washed, anglicised by Ishigaro and then dipped into mysterious world of crime through the lens of Detective Galileo (Higashino).

Our society knows at least one Japanese word, thanks to Legendary Bollywood singer Asha Bhoslay, “Sayonara” a word that is considered to be the saddest word in any language, which translated into English gives us “Goodbye”.

There’s a rule universally followed while learning a new language, it is to know its slang terms. Perhaps not conventionally, “How and when to use the coolest sounding slangs” mostly is the first subject in a “New Language 101” class. 

A simple “Baka” would suffice, if you want to pull your friends legs without his/her knowledge. A harmless word that translates to “stupid” or “fool”.

We have over and again exercised thank you “Arigato” and I love you “Aisheteru”, two important phrases we picked up reading subtitles from animes.

Japanese literature, its culture and its chief and the most culturally significant art forms, Manga and Anime have us spellbound making us either an Otaku or a Weeaboo.

More than a country, Japan is a cult widely followed by the world around. A must visit destination, an important entry in our bucket list.

Japan is an art in multifacet cuisine; in Omurice, Onigiri, Sake and Wasabi, we as desis dream about.

Haruki Murakami

It is through books we make our tour around the seaside streets, towards Hokkaido and towards the temples of Osaka and through the busy Cafes of Tokyo.

Through its animes we taste a surreal world of fantasy. Through its literature we learn that our tragedies and our struggles are not ours alone, there is a paradox maintained.

In its unique life we feel connected in this brotherhood. We are strongly inclined to it. Its rich culture is a mirror of our own diversified culture that we learn to value.
Though exotic to our Indian soil, Japan and its culture holds a special place in our hearts.

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9 thoughts on “Do you love Japan? | The Otaku Culture in North-East India”

    • You should. 😊. But I must warn you, once you’re in this cult, you’ll never escape. It’s a wonderful universe. Ganbatte!!

  1. Hello this is Shradhanjali from Darjeeling India.Yes I too feel Japanese culture is so rich and I really appreciate their kindness,honesty and humble nature.I have been working with Japanese clients for quite a sometime and honestly I m so much impressed by their working etiquette which has made me to inclined towards learning more about Japanese culture and their language.For this m trying to learn Japanese language ,it’s bit challenging but I m still trying.I have started with hiragana script and have learnt few common sentences like “ohaio gozaimas” “sumimasen” .I hope one day I will be able to read ,write and talk Japanese language fluently.

    • Hello Shradhanjali. I am glad to know that you found Japanese culture and language amusing and wonderful. I have met few of Japanese tourists in Darjeeling. Yes, they are very kind and I agree with their working etiquette. I hope and pray you get to visit the land of the rising sun soon. Good luck dear😊… Sionara

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