Hold Tight, My Love | A Poem for My Love, My Queen, My Darjeeling

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[Photo Courtesy: Saurav Subba, Darjeeling]

Hold tight, my Love
For these are the times of relentless pain
For you are incarcerated inside your own palace
Hold tight, my Love
For the people who live in you, live for you

I shed my silent tears in a foreign land

As my Queen bleeds out, stranded and helpless
A crumbled heart and a broken pen
Writes this tale of love as I free-fall
Into the depths of our tender memories

[Photo Courtesy: Saurav Subba, Darjeeling]

Remember those times, when we were mesmerised? Exquisite wine coloured sunsets spilled over the majestic Kanchenjunga
Melt into starlit skies that adorned your crown with jewels
The spring that brought colours to the souls,
Those that wander in crowds of Chowrasta
Or that dead winter,
When the children’s laughter in the empty streets
Bought back the hope for happiness
The hope of a warm, spirited summer after the dead of winter

The music fades, the memory crumbles
The distant lover cries as the memories of rain
Flood his soul.
Oh! Could he even write about the rains?

[Photo Courtesy: Saurav Subba, Darjeeling]

Hold tight, my Queen
For you will rise above every pain inflicted
For you will shatter the chains of your incarceration
Hold tight, my Queen
For the people who love you.

[Photo Courtesy: Saurav Subba, Darjeeling]

[All photographs belong to Mr. Saurav Subba, Darjeeling] .

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