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An Inquiry of the Truth

It almost always feels amazing when we sometimes introspect on the subjects of things around us, worldly manifestations of ideas birthed from the minds of people with radical thought-processing abilities and ideas, or take a clear, unbiased look deep down within our own self.

Whenever we witness the beauty of nature, when we see ourselves or things around us, we tend to make a mistake of thinking that it’s the truth but the reality is that everything we see is just an illusion (Maya).

According to some Holy Scriptures, everything material that is created from physical elements is bound to perish, including us, deemed by wise Hrishi-munis in their scriptures as ANITYA (Impermanent).

The truth is always eternal and it is inevitable (NITYA). It has no beginning and it will never ever have an end. A supreme energy which can never be created nor destroyed, which is more powerful than all the Gods and Goddesses, which was the only truth in the past, is in the present and will always remain in future, and that eternal truth is Brahma (atma).

The soul and the illusion that confuses us is our body which is made up 5 elements (Panchatatwa , Panchamahabhuta).

(Here Brahma doesn’t mean the Hindu God Lord Brahma but it means the liberated soul).

For example, a sheath of a sword blade is always in the shape of the sword blade but that doesn’t mean it’s a sword, it’s just given a shape of a sword and the same is our body. Our body is only the sheath but the sward blade is our soul. Here, the sheath (the body) is an illusion and the sword blade ( the soul) is the truth (SATYA) but we believe in what we see, we’re only human and chiefly rely on the imformation our senses provide us with, so for us sheaths in the shape of a sword itself is the ultimate truth!

Holy scriptures like Bhagwad Geeta, Upanishads, etc. have witnessed the existence of soul and eternity but as we live in this modern era we believe in what we see so we are not able to grasp this concept of the “Knowledge Of The Self” which constantly tries to pose a question before everyone of us about our identities and other questions like, “What is the purpose of our birth?”.

Knowing intellectually about spiritualism and collecting every piece of information present regarding soul, the real “I” or my “existence” deosn’t necessarily help us to a great degree. Awakening of the soul and the realisation of its presence is what enlightenment means.

According to Vedanta (Ved (KNOWLEDGE) and Anta (END), which means end of knowledge), worshipping a supreme energy, a higher power, singing hymns, praying day and night or never committing any sins will help us promote “Primary Sadhana” but to move towards the liberation of our souls, although the knowledge of our own self and the awakening of our soul is a highly debatable topic, as not just knowing about it but experiencing its presence is the only way to attain the highest form of spiritual liberation.

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1 thought on “An Inquiry of the Truth”

  1. Well examined your thoughts are, and deep are your studies .
    I appreciate that.
    The question is very important.
    The revival of the truth is the question we pose and seek for the answers.
    Like you Questioned about the purpose for your existence?
    Yes indeed; to discover/ask the question leads to an answer of what is the purpose of life.
    Then we can identify our existence .
    Well I suppose
    When one can identify his/her existence in this (Prithivi)Earth then they can discover the Gods purpose for them.
    Working on the purpose of God for me and my life is the real search for truth,which helps to endeavour the search for Spiritual enlightenment .
    Thereby attaint to it also.

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