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It’s Time to Wake Up!

Waking up to the fact that the Earth is actually dying, makes us realise that we are accelerating towards a world unfit for our future generations. Most citizens, including world leaders, either aren’t aware of the danger that our planet is currently facing, or they probably don’t care at all.

Sikkim was proclaimed the cleanest state of India a few years ago, and for good reason, because I’ve crossed its borders and the environmental health in the plains is downright pathetic. But lately, I myself have noticed the environmental health of Sikkim declining, in my neighbourhood suddenly lurks a stench that had never entered my nostrils before a few days ago, and the odour of the landfill in Martam literally made me puke while I was innocently enjoying the landscape of the valley across Teesta. I’m not kidding.

Where most citizens couldn’t care less about how we humans are killing our own planet, our only home, some school-going teens from Sikkim have taken an initiative to aware the masses about Climate Change and Global Warming.

The WakeUp Movement is a newly formed social Youth organization that aims to combat global warming and climate change.

With #standupforissuesgreaterthanpolitics as its agenda, the #wakeup team aim to stir up the urgency for environmental preservation among the people of Sikkim and to join a global climate change movement.

Swarnim Tamang (school captain, Mangalbaria SSS) writes,“Hey young people of Sikkim when you reach 60 and 70 years of age you’ll be happy that you fought for a cause greater than anything else. You’ll be proud that you did something to protect our mother nature. We don’t need more millionaires and billionaires we need more caretakers and healers. Let’s be that.”

“Food prices are increasing, floods are sweeping away farmers′ land, droughts are affecting the yield of crops, glaciers’ melting is a common episode, wildfires, hurricanes; name them! Barack Obama outrightly said, “We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

We, the youth have no choice but to raise our voices, as today’s leaders sell themselves and our Mother Earth for their own greed and strength.

Wake Up Movement in collaboration with Redendron organised a foot rally on the occasion of Children’s Day (14th November) to aware the citizens on Climate Change, Global Warming and other rising environmental concerns. The five km long foot rally commenced from Nar Bahadur Bhandari Degree College, Tadong and ended at Hungry Jack, Gangtok . I

With an objective to ignite Sikkimese people on the urgency of need to combat Climate Change and Global Warming, the foot rally had more than 200 students from various institutions of Sikkim like Tashi Namgyal Academy, Holy Cross School, NBBD College, Burtuk Govt. College, SRM University, St Xaviers School, Mangalbaria SS School etc.
Wakeup movement is a newly formed forum by three Sikkimese teenagers namely Rishal Pandey , Ashwatth Tamang and Chultim Bhutia and is doing its best to create awareness among the general masses and students of the hills to protect and conserve the environment and join the global movement against Climate Change. Tseyang Bhutia and Swarnim Gurung are also the core members of the team.

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