The Australian bush-fire continues to burn as we speak which had started around September 2019 and has had a devastating effect on the Australian grounds. Even in the past, the Australian grounds have been haunted by the bush fires as they have always been a part of the Ecology. The 2009 Black Saturday fires killed 173 people in Victoria, making it the deadliest bushfire disaster on record, but the recent one is said to be even more severe due to the climatic changes that have occurred over the past years. Australia is experiencing one of its worst droughts in decades and a heatwave in December 2019 broke the record for the highest nationwide temperature. Adding up the misery, the strong winds have spread the fire and smoke more rapidly. So, due to its unique conditions, it is said that it may be the worst of all bush fires that Australia has seen. 

The bush fire has a severe impact on the inhabitants of the affected area, killing over 28 people, burning over 24 million acres of land and destroying over 2,000 homes. It is observed that the blazes of the fire have turned the skies orange, making the air as equivalent to smoking 19 cigarettes. But, this calamity is just at the surficial level. The major issue here is the damage done to various ecosystems. It is estimated that over a billion animals have lost their lives. Scientists fear the long term damage to many sensitive ecosystems.


The bush fire incidents serve a major concern towards the animals in the wildlife, mostly the species who are on the verge of being claimed as endangered. Animals like wallabies, kangaroos and koalas exist nowhere in the world, but only in Australia. So this poses a great danger for these unique species, as they could be moving close to the verge of extinction.


The incident which took in Kangaroo Island has hit us on an emotional level. The island was terribly affected by the fire destroying its ecosystem and killing thousands of koalas and the kangaroos. A rescue team set out to save the animals found out that at some places, they couldn’t even walk 10 meters without coming across another carcass.

How can you help?

You have the chance to help Australia which has been devasted by the bush fire incident. At times like these, help in the form of small donation can be a huge relief to the affected people and the animals. Your contribution can help the koalas and the kangaroos to go back to their homes again. 


After the donation, you will receive a free e-book, “A Hidden Valley of Rice” which is a collection of short stories and illustrations from the hills of Sikkim, Kalimpong and Darjeeling.  The stories and illustrations presented in the e-book is a product of the emotional labour and dedication of writers and artists from these regions with the motive to help the wildlife affected by the Australian Bushfire while rekindling the essence of the culture of our hills.

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