Man, what is Redendron? 

More often than not, we are asked what Redendron actually is. We can surely dive around the technical aspects like we write a blog about the Sikkimese culture, trends, and promote the art of Sikkim. But we can only convey it clearly when we highlight “why” it actually is?
The Redendron family believes in collaborating with ecstatic minds of Sikkim and generating a platform to let their ideas out at. We believe in empowering the artists and creators of Sikkim and forming a mastermind alliance of people who share a similar dream.
If you see yourself standing in front a street musician or someone whose art needs recognition, and if you have the caliber to be world class. Don’t ask yourself what you need to do, ask yourself why you need to do what you do. Together we might change the entire population of the world.