The Weight of Words

Language was created as the medium of communication. Language is complex. Communication is rare. When I was in elementary school, my language teacher made us memorize the definition of language as a means of communication. Different people have different languages to express their feelings and emotions. Language is of two forms, written and spoken.Grammar is [...]


An Unforgettable Dream

I was only six when I first had a dream about an old man. In the dream, he was standing in front of the statue of Lord Hanuman located at Rhenock, my hometown. He was a really old man, possibly in his eighties, wearing a suit, leaning on a walkstick- the carved wooden kind which [...]

The Perks of Being Colorblind

Colour Vision: Evolution and variation in the animal kingdom; and the evolutionary significance of Deuteranomaly in humans. -Abhibyanjana R. Thatal In a bullfight, a bull is released in an arena where a matador is seen standing waving a red cloth that the bull charges on. A common misconception in this bullfight is that the bulls [...]

To those who want to quit

You learnt at an early age that pain has a solution- pills. The white one for headache, the green plasticky one for an upset tummy, the red one for body strain. One day, your "friends" offered you a blue one. "If it can take pain to normal, it can take normal to ecstasy." Well, logical [...]