A Festival Of Insignificance- Celebrating Chaos

A poetry about the celebration of your inner instincts


The Scars We Hold

Every laugh she holds back curtails her glory. She is a queen inside her cage, Every scar on her body has a story,   away from all the anger and rage.  Alone- that's where she stands On that podium of loneliness higher than anyone else. Without giving any consideration to those hands who lashed her, perchance. She is … Continue reading The Scars We Hold

Dear Conscience

[Meant for all the people in the world reminding them never to give up] Dear Conscience, Valerie does it everyday. She cries and weepsAnd goes astray. "Just a hard time", she saysShe was going throughBut all of us us knewThat this was not very true. She had problems unknownFighting demons of her own. Everyday was like a living … Continue reading Dear Conscience

एक समय को कथा

  मनको कुरा आँखामै झल्के के पो समस्या थियो र! बितेका घटनामा ढल्कन्दै जाँदा लुकेछ कथा त। समय बित्यो सम्बन्ध छुट्यो, बाहिर पो हर्ष देख्यौ जन्मि‌‍‌‍एका ती अनंत प्रश्न संकोचले नै छेक्यो।   के गर्नु साथी कलिलै छ मन्, यस्तै नै भैँ हाले चिनेछौ सोच्नु गलती भएछ, खै बुझ्दैन मनले।   चाहेन मनले कुरा बुझाउन … Continue reading एक समय को कथा

Upgrade your Smartphone to a Superphone | Apps that can potentially turn your life around

Ever since the inception of Android as a mobile operating system, the number of Android applications has increased exponentially. Meaning there are multiple apps that cater to the same functionality. So, instead of trying all of them, why not save your precious time by trying these compiled lists of the best free and paid Android … Continue reading Upgrade your Smartphone to a Superphone | Apps that can potentially turn your life around

Life has treated us well

Although, we’ve had our own bunch of insecurities and inferiorities creeping in from our cerebrum,Although life has seldom dragged us inside dungeons of what our minds tell us look like hell; Life has and continues to provide us with our own special set of “ups and downs”, only later to be fondly remembered as memories. … Continue reading Life has treated us well

A Difficult Topic

As I unlock my phone,With a password well known,I swipe and swipe just to come across headlines that might,trigger my interior out of good sight."Molestation", bewailed the headline.As I felt anger seeping in with a signof no indulgence,but a crime of aspiring to excruciate the one molester next in line.The perpetuity of questions I had … Continue reading A Difficult Topic