4 min read As I sat there staring at the mountains glistening like gold under the morning light I recalled my last moments with my father, a drunken man making faces behind the back of his complaining wife and his seven-year-old daughter laughing at the scene from a crack in the door. I observed the valley below and Continue reading “”

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10 Comments on Mysteries of The Sinister Tradition: ‘Kapat’

5 min read Western music has emphatically influenced folks of North-east through the years. However, each passing decade brings about a new wave of musicians and genres. This article, if goes in accordance with my intentions, will take you in a headbanging journey to the times when our grandfathers were jamming to the “Abba”, and humming to Bob Continue reading “”

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2 Comments on Homemade Rockstars of Denzong – How has Western Music Shaped Sikkim into a Mini-America?

3 min read The first day of my last vacation back at home had me walking the hallowed streets of MG Marg. There as I stood, taking in all the familiar sights, I sensed a certain change in aura. Gone were most lazily strewn bodies dragging their feet over the grey tiled stretch. What I noticed were numerous Continue reading “”

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3 Comments on Do You Want to be Your Own Boss?

4 min read   Diwash had done it, and the atmosphere was intense. For he had done the one thing that none in our class had ever done. He had packed ‘Kinema’ for lunch, and the word had almost immediately gone around. When the lunch bell rang, I and a few of our lunch buddies stood affixed at Continue reading “”

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Leave a Comment on North East India’s Obsession for Smelly Food

3 min read Every year, thousands of high school graduates are caught in the dilemma of choosing a stream to pursue in college which is equivalent to picking your profession. The idea is quite well known and a well debated one but a huge step forward is realising that the root of the problem lies deeply ingrained. It Continue reading “”

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3 Comments on Passion vs Convention

2 min read As I woke up this morning I checked my Instagram. The grays of our mundane life coloured by the bright LEDs in our screen. We cannot deny the huge footprint of social media in our life. Communication is essential to a human, as essential as the need for food; and technology is the biggest medium Continue reading “”

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2 Comments on To Post or not to Post? That, is the question.

10 min read “Coo… coo… coo…That’s the best way I can mimic the sound, grandpa. It was eerie, sounded like a call or a code. I’m still shaken by the sound of it.” I described, to my grandfather, the sound which woke me up all night. Grandpa gave me a bemused look. His old eyes seemed to travel Continue reading “”

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4 min read   Do you know many guitarists? I’m a guitarist myself and chances are you know many who say they play the guitar, but do they really? Guitar may be one of the most overused instruments in the present day music. It is especially popular among the young population so much that you cannot go into Continue reading “”

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2 Comments on Types of Guitarists and which one are you?

2 min read Imagine you’re cycling down the whimsical terrains of Rohini, a place that marks the junction of Kurseong and Siliguri and offers an impeccable panorama of the crests and troughs of nearby hills and valleys. You are standing on the street corner waiting for an elderly gentleman to cross the road. Among several other aged residents of Continue reading “”

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2 Comments on Gangtok For Hope

6 min read   How many of us reading this right now have posed with the 사랑 ‘Sarang -love’ (the finger heart)? How many of us have at least seen it in selfies and pictures across Instagram? I’m betting you have.   The Hallyu wave or the Korean wave has spread through the world like wildfire. People all over the Continue reading “”

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21 Comments on The Gangtokian Hallyu : Why K-pop is so popular in Sikkim