Five Simple (But Effective) Ways to Overcome Creative Block

overcome creative block

There are a thousand ways to get rid of a creative block. You know that it will be back soon. So to kick its ass again and again, you need these five tips.

Anmol Gurung – God is a filmmaker

Anmol Gurung (Director of Appa) – Lessons on living a creative life Anmol Gurung, @anmolyellow a well-known filmmaker, writer and director from Kalimpong, India talks about his journey in the filmmaking industry. Red: How do you stay productive during lazy days? Anmol: Why I think lazy days are not so lazy for me or for anyone else … Read moreAnmol Gurung – God is a filmmaker

8 Creativity Myths keeping you from Growing

Has your creative growth seem to have stunted recently? You probably believe these myths which are keeping you from growing.

Can we recreate Mawlynnong? | Inside Asia’s Cleanest Village

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya – God’s Own Garden (Asia’s Cleanest Village)

The Headhunters of North-East India | Infamous tales of the Konyak Tribe from Nagaland

They often attacked nearby villages of other tribes, chopping off heads of opposing warriors and bringing them home as trophies to hang in the Morong(a communal house). With the exception of these displays of violent behavior, the tribe members always used to and still, to this day, respect their traditions and other cultural practices, even though headhunting has ceased to be a part of the Konyak lifestyle.